Up to $2 Off Brita Bottles, Filters and More From Clorox

Printables are great and all but not when they’re for products your family just doesn’t use! Conveniently, Clorox is offering coupons for common household items, among which at least one should pique your curiosity. In fact, they’re offering 5 different coupons with up to $2 off Brita filters, bottles and more.

The best part is that there’s no signing up or waiting for coupons to arrive in the mail required. Simply print and go before your next shopping trip!

Here are the many ways you can save:

  • $2 Off Brita filters;
  • $2 Off Brita Bottles;
  • $1 Off Clorox2 products;
  • $1 Off Clorox, Tilex or Green Works with Smart Tube Technology;
  • $0.50 Off Hidden Valley Ranch products.

Which coupon(s) will you be printing?

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