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Clickinks Exclusive Promotional Code – Expired!


This ClickInks Promotional Code is valid for Canadians and Americans, so the whole of north America can enjoy this exclusive coupon we have just received from the kind team at

I had never previously shopped there before but I soon realized the place is super cheap for toner and inks in Canada, in fact they are much cheaper then all of their competitors that ship to Canada. It costs $14.99 for shipping from ClickInks to Canada Residents. Which isn’t bad when you consider that their closest competitor;, charge $22.99 for shipping to Canada.

After talking to the team at ClickInks we got a nice kick back for Canadians; no minimum purchase as well as our promotional code. We couldn’t get free shipping to Canada, but the 10% off promo code we have should cover the cost of shipping you would pay and then some (depending on what you buy).

Also, there is a new promotional code from Clickinks will Donate 5% of purchase to American Red Cross and customers save 5% off ink and toner orders over $50. Simply use the code below. All Proceeds are going to be sent directly to the American Red Cross for the Haiti disaster.

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