Clearly Contacts; Buy One, get One Free on Disposable Leneses

Once I did the math for this deal and discovered how much I could save, I was slightly embarrassed at the amount I usually spend on my contact lenses. I’ve been buying contact lenses for a few years now and I’ve always bought the monthly wear ones; I was also just buying for 6 months at a time, since my eyes have different prescriptions (it adds up fast and it’s not always frugal). I’ve noticed though that with monthly wear ones, that toward the end of the month they start to feel dry and rough (I’ve also tried multiple brands, so it can’t just be a coincidence).

So this is while this deal caught my eye. For a limited time at, when you purchase one pack of ‘Splash one day 30 Pack’ contacts, you receive another box fee. Absolutely, positively, no strings attached – free. I’m not one to argue when the word ‘Free’ is thrown around.

They have a further discount if you buy 6 boxes at a time. If you were to buy 6 boxes at once, you’d only pay 89.34. Even if I were to double that amount (since I have to buy two prescriptions) that’s still ridiculously cheaper for 12 boxes of contacts than what I usually pay for 6 months worth of monthly wear ones.

My only question is, if you wear contacts: Why haven’t you bought them yet?

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