Enjoy Free Movies and $2 Select Refreshments at Cineplex Theaters

Plan some time with friends and family this weekend and make a trip over to your local Cineplex theater. Set your alarms, because you can get free movies starting at 9am this Saturday, October 20th. To sweeten the deal, there are also select concession items on sale for $2. A family fun day for under $20, interested?

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Door’s open at 8:30am and movies start at 9am with a wide selection for everyone; ranging from child-geared movies like How to train your dragon to Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol. All the proceeds from the sale of refreshments going to the Starlight foundation as well; not only are you seeing a free movie, but helping support a great cause as well.

Some Serious Movie Madness

I usually hate Monday’s but this deal got me a little excited.

Being a huge movie buff when I came across this offer from Cineplex I instantly texted my girlfriend. So here’s the scoop my fellow Canucks; every Saturday morning at 11am (until 28th April 2012) we can watch a ‘family favorite movie’ for only $2.50 (inc tax)!

This deal won’t be available in every Cineplex, but we did find a list of participating Theaters (please check it before turning up at your local Cineplex). For those of you like me who read ‘family favourite movie’ and went; hmmmm….. what do Cineplex mean by that? Again I went on the hunt and found a list of movies and dates that you should review.

From the look of the pdf link above there seems to be a different movie every week rather than a bunch to choose from every Saturday. But there are some cool movies to watch from Shrek to the Land Before Time and even ET (I never went to watch ET at the cinema so I was stoked to read about this).

A nice touch is that Cineplex is giving all proceeds to the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada, all of a sudden I now have a favorite cinema chain. This promo is a great way to spend some time with your family and potentially show the little ones the movies of old that you loved to watch growing up, and all on a toonie too. I’m not sure about availability or if you need to purchase tickets in advance.

But I do hope this promotion is picked up well and spreads a good message for a good cause; so share this post on facebook and Pinterest to spread the word!

Free Movie Day at Cineplex Theatres

In support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Cineplex Canada is organizing a community day on October 22nd where they will be offering a variety of free movies starting at 9 am. Customers can also enjoy a regular popcorn, regular fountain drink and select candy for as cheap as $2. The entire proceeds of these products sales will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

I had a look at the selection of movies for the theater close to my place and they had some really good ones. Yogi Bear in 3D, the Green Lantern and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (1st part) were among the choice of movies. These are not the latest released of course, but if you didn’t have the chance to see any of these in a theater this might be a good opportunity. And it sounds like a fun and free activity do to with your kids!

Find the showtimes for your Cineplex theatre

The Great Digital Film Festival by Cineplex


The Digital Film Festival will be starting on February 4th in select Cineplex theatres located in the areas of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. They will present classic and popular movies in digital format for only $5. You can use the link at the end of the post to have the entire list of theatres and the movie schedules. Here is the entire list of movies that will be presented:
– Back to The Future
– Alien
– Aliens
– Predator
– All 3 Lord of The Rings movies
– Big Trouble in Little China
– The Goonies
– Ghost
– Dirty Dancing
– The Usual Suspects
– Raging Bull
– This is Spinal Tap
– The Blues Brothers
– 12 Monkeys
– Lethal Weapon
– The Hunt for Red October
– Fight Club

I’ve never seen any of these movies on big screen so I think it could be a lot of fun to go to see any of these classics in a theatre. And if you have kids it could be a good idea to bring them to watch one of these popular movies. They will probably think you are being very old school… ; )

Get more information on Cineplex Digital Film Festival BOGOF Movie

Cineplex.comCustomers have until tomorrow (December 31st) to enjoy this promotion where you can get one free movie download whenever you buy one (a bogof promotion). The offer is not valid on rental movies unfortunately, it’s restricted to the purchase of download versions. I did a quick comparison between the prices of Cineplex download movies’ and DVD prices from and I was really surprised by how expensive prices are at For example you will need to pay $19.99 to download Sex and the City 2 while you can get the DVD version for only $9.99 at Obviously you need to take into consideration shipping costs to get your DVD but as Amazon is still running their free shipping promotion on any order of $25+, it’s easy to buy a few items and not pay any shipping fees at all.

At least this buy one get one free offer brings down the movie prices at to a more reasonable level, but you can only enjoy it for 2 more days so hurry up.

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Buy One Get One Free at the Cineplex Store

Cineplex Store Coupon

This is a cool promotion from Cineplex. Customers can get films right in their living room this Christmas with a buy one get one free offer on digital downloads. Canadians can take advantage of this offer up until December 25th. Like with most buy one get one free promos you pay for the most expensive one and you get the cheaper one free. There is a limit of one free movie per transaction and customers cannot combine this offer with any other discount or promotion and you wont get any SCENE points with this promotion. They have some of the latest titles like Eat Pray Love, Get Him to the Greek and more.

Remember that you need to have one of the following browsers to watch and download the movies; Internet Explorer using Windows XP, Vista or 7. So no Mac or firefox support which is really disappointing and there is no real reason for this.

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Cineplex Store Free Movie Rental

Cineplex StoreThe Cineplex Store has just launched their online service of rental movies where you can download and watch movies instantly. They also have a special offer at the moment, where you will get a free download whenever you buy one. Whenever you rent movies, you have up to 30 days to watch them, and once you started watching your digital rental you have up to 48 hours to finish watching it. Depending on the movie, rental should cost you a minimum of $2.99 and a maximum $4.99.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure until when this promotion is running at the Cineplex store, so please make a comment below if you know that it expired. If you’re interested in this kind of service you might also want to check our Netflix Canada promo page to find out about this great online service for movie rentals.

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Cineplex Half Price Tuesdays

CineplexOkay so my friends and I used to call it ‘Tight Ass Tuesdays’ at our local cinema as it was half price on Tuesdays, that is until it changed to a Cineplex now the prices have rocketed but to be honest so has the experience. This is why I was happy to see that Cineplex have brought back half price Tuesdays as a joint promotion with Telus.

Read what Telus have to say about this joint venture promotion for movie lovers;

“The TELUS ½ Price Movie Combo is a specially priced combo offer which includes a General admission ticket, Regular Popcorn and Regular Fountain Drink at approximately 50% off of the combined retail price. This offer is only available on Tuesday’s and is available exclusively at all Cineplex Entertainment theatres.”

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