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CheapCaribbean Promo Codes

Now, I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but I would absolutely love to go there, especially on miserable days like today (if you are in Montreal you will understand). If I was to go (which I hope I do someday) then I would definitely check out for some discounted deals on flights and hotels and other travel stuff you usually book. We have been lucky enough to have been given some promo codes (thanks guys) for us all to save money when flying south. Oh, they also cater for Mexico which is cool.

Here are some CheapCaribbean promo codes and discounts to save some money on travel down south;

1. Back to School super sale is on, where you can get up to 70% Off. Redeem your 70% off.
2. Find the last minute 49 hour $49 secret sale. Secret Sale.
3. Get discounts on some of the best beaches from $399 with air travel up to 70% off, pick your favourite beach spot.
4. Search the CheapCaribbean sales pages in one go and find your vacation at the price you are looking for.
5. Find the hot deals for today in the Caribbean and Mexico.
6. Jamaica up to 60% off. Redeem.