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Buy One Book, Get One 50% Off At Chapters Indigo

Saving money on books by investing in an eReader is definitely awesome but don’t you sometimes crave the feel and most importantly scent of a real book? I know I do, which is exactly why I’ll be printing and redeeming the coupon below for a buy one, get one 50% off deal at Chapters Indigo!

With Tom Clancy’s recent passing, perhaps giving one of this iconic authors’ books a try would be a worthy homage. With 17 of his books marked as bestsellers and even many turned into movies, surely there must be at least one book that will spark your interest and turn into a real page turner!

If you would rather shop online for books however, we also have a lovely coupon for $5 off and free shipping on orders over $30 that is just waiting for you to use!

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Big Savings at Up to 80% Off Bestsellers and Harlequin Books

KoboBooks 80% Off Bestsellers

When it comes to saving money on books, eBooks are one of the best and easy ways to do so. Even better is that with millions of books at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost, Kobobooks facilitates the process of discovering and being able to afford new reads, especially with discount such as their most recent one offering shoppers 80% off bestsellers.

In case you don’t have one yet, be sure to pick up a Kobo Arc eReader, which on top of running smoothly for anyone’s book reading needs, it also includes a colorful resolution, incredible sound and a front-facing camera.

Details: Enjoy 80% off Kobo’s Bestsellers
Expires: 1st June, 2013
Visit Kobo here

Katy Evans' RealWith over 16,000 electrifying reviews, Katy Evans’ Real is definitely going on my must-read bookshelf even though the synopsis is rather vague:

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…

Though originally priced at $4.15, the above coupon reduces it to a mere 83 cents and with overwhelmingly positive reviews stating that this novel deserves a million stars instead of just five, the price is more than incredible!

Dave Chilton's The Wealthy Barber ReturnsUndoubtedly, good financial planning is one of the keys to success and books such as Dave Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber has been hailed as one of the best personal finance books as it presents easy to understand information in the digestible form of a story about a father getting advice from a barber.

Though unlike his 1989 book, Chilton has followed up the series with a second book: The Wealthy Barber Returns. While it’s unnecessary to read the first one in order to enjoy this one, it’s certainly worth at least a glance through, especially since it has been praised as better.

Can’t get enough of Harlequin novels? Our Kobobooks store page also has a coupon to save 75% off Harlequin titles.

Tweet us @CouponsCanada which book you’re currently reading or will be reading next!

Shop for Mother’s Day at Chapters Indigo and Save Up to 50% Off Home Décor Items

Indigo Up to 50% Off

Bringing with it the blooming of flowers and a lift in spirit, Spring is one of the best seasons for re-decorating and freshening up a home. Since it’s also the season during which Mother’s Day is celebrated, combine gifts for your home and for the most special woman in your life with items for the house & home. During a couple of days only, save up to 50% at Chapters Indigo on Home Décor along with a variety of other deals for the home.

Save up to 50% at Chapters Indigo
Expires: 14th April, 2013

Ikat Floral PillowAs soon as I laid my eyes on the Ikat floral pillow, it became my instant favorite. Reduced by 30% to $31.15, this pillow would definitely help a white couch stand out in a living room since it comes in a lovely sand color.

Likewise, the Heathered Throw in Taupe would be a fantastic match for the pillow as well, especially for a beach-inspired living room décor.

Honeycomb VaseUntil May 13th, 2013, you can also get 3 vases for the price of one. Ranging from $10 to $44 and available in a variety of colors, they’re perfect for spring and would be great to showcase real flowers – especially on Mother’s Day.

Featured on the left is the honeycomb vase, which would look particularly nice in the middle of a porch table during a Sunday afternoon cocktail break with the girls!

Scroll Wine GobletIn true Game of Thrones fashion, the scroll wine goblets are convenient for summertime bar-b-queues or perhaps for role-playing as your favorite characters from the famous TV show. With a buy 3, get 1 free promotion, they can also be mixed and matched with other colors or shapes.

Be sure to regularly check our page for all of Chapter Indigo’s latest deals and promotions to save even more money off at your favorite store.

Let us know on Facebook which home decorating items are your favorites at Chapters Indigo.

Chapters Indigo Redesigned: Enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders For a Limited time

Indigo Free Shipping Offer

To celebrate the re-design of their online website, Chapters Indigo is offering free shipping on ALL orders with no required minimum. Essentially, free shipping is just like shopping in-stores minus the hassle of all the walking and waiting in line and you get to take advantage of amazing exclusive sales! Their new design includes:

  • Drag and Drop items to your cart and list
  • Clean and simple navigation
  • Gift Giving made easy with
  • Gift List and Gift Finder tools
  • Fast and easy checkout

Shop at Indigo here and enjoy free shipping
Expires: 20th March, 2013

Life CodeExpanding on the principle that Life is a game — and you will either be a player or be the one played, Dr. Phil’s new book Life Code: The New Rules For Winning In The Real World teaches readers to identify and avoid BAITERs (Backstabber, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people). Though it’s $27.50 in-stores, save 45% by ordering online and pay only $15.12 with free shipping.

Ikat Pillow CaseTo be sure you reach the $30 threshold to save $5, why not add the lovely Ikat floral pillow in aqua, reduced to $31.15 from $44.50? There’s also the cute Big Bird Bean Bag Plushie for kids, available for only $6.48.

Which items will you get from Chapters Indigo to enjoy of free shipping?

Re-Decorate with 25% Off Select Home Decor Items at Chapters Indigo

25% off select home decor items at Chapters Indigo

Brush off your interior design talents and get ready to re-vamp one or more spaces in your household with the help of Chapters Indigo. For a limited time, take advantage of 25% off select home decor items from their new spring collection. Make sure to stop by our Chapters Indigo coupon page to pick up even more savings, including a code to save $5 when you spend $30 or more.

Shop at Chapters Indigo Canada
Expires: 28th February, 2013

Sometimes you just need a little bling-bling to make a place sparkle.
Chapters Indigo Item Accentuate any seating space with this fractured mirror pillow at $29.63 after the discount and watch as guests become amazed and fascinated by your good taste. For something a bit more docile, they have a wide selection of pillows such as the Ikat floral pillow for $33.38.

A neat idea for storing all the mementos that we just can’t part with is the white blossom keepsake box at $22.13. Perfect for small and invaluable items, it also doubles as a clever storage solution for jewellery or hair items.

Shipping is free with orders of $25 or more.

Take an Extra 20% off Clearance Items at Chapters Indigo

20% off clearance items at chapters indigo

Chapters Indigo offers a lot more than just great books to read time and time again as they also have a wide selection of home items, toys and other nifty knickknacks. Give yourself a break on February 4th 2013 by taking a look at the clearance items in the toys, gifts and home decor items. For a limited time, you can also get a bonus 20% off these already reduced items.

Don’t forget to stop by our Chapters Indigo coupon page for your code to save $5 off your order of $30 or more!

Shop at Chapters Indigo Here
Expires: 4th February, 2013

Chapters ItemKeep in mind that the added discount has already been added to the price shown!

Isn’t it time that you picked up this Spinning record oldies clock? It’s retro groovy clock made from an old school record with a long hand that resembles a turntable arm with a needle cartridge. Originally priced at $110, this baby can rock on in your living room for only $44.

Shop now to save on cute Halloween costumes for your toddler! Isn’t this Yoda costume for toddlers the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on? Dress your little one in it for as low as $15.66.

Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.

What are you thinking of picking up?

Pre-Order Dan Brown’s New Book Inferno and Save up to 50% At Chapters

Up to 50% off the new Dan Brown book at Chapters

Fans of the renowned author Dan Brown have been waiting in anticipation to find out what happens next to Robert Langdon and the wait is finally over! The next addition in the series is set to drop on May 14th, 2013 and can be pre-ordered for up to 50% off! How exciting is that?

Make sure to visit our Chapters Indigo coupon page for even more epic savings.

Shop at Chapters Indigo Here
Expires: Not Provided

Chapters Item Set in Italy, our famous symbolist is drawn to Dante’s Inferno and the secret surrounding it. He goes toe-to-toe with a sneaky adversary and embarks on a journey faced with riddles, hidden passageways and even more symbols than you can shake a fist at.

If you pre-order it today, it comes out to $18.15 as opposed to $33. Become a Plum member if you aren’t already (it’s free!), and get it for even lower at $16.50. I’ve had the chance to read The Da Vinci code as well as and to watch Angels and Demons in theaters and I have to say that it’s amazing in its ability to captivate and engross an audience. The story does so by weaving its way in a manner that takes your mind for a ride.

Tom Hanks has already signed on to bring another book in the series to the big screen: The Lost Symbol. Maybe we’ll see him doing a movie about this book in the near future?

Will you be pre-ordering Inferno?

Save $20 on a Kobo Touch for a Limited Time at Chapters Indigo

$20 off the Kobo Touch at Chapters Indigo

Drop whatever you are doing and head over to either your local or online Chapters Indigo store to pick up a rare and opportune deal! For a limited time, you can score a Kobo Touch for $79.99, meaning $20 in savings and, trust me, this baby doesn’t go on sale often! Picture it like so: it’s as though a you have spotted a unicorn for the first time ever. That’s how rare it truly is.

Thankfully, the Chapters indigo coupon page is less rare.

Shop at Chapters Indigo Here
Expires: 27th January 2013

Chapters ItemI know, I know — I constantly reference to my undying love for my kobo eReader but the more people I talk to, the more people have discovered it for themselves and thoroughly enjoy it as well.

Maybe it’s my gamer side that enjoys this more, but I love its display of the percentage of pages read as well as the overall stats about my reading. Looking quickly at mine, it says that I am at 63% of A Game of Thrones: A Song Of Ice and Fire and have read for 2.2 hours already. I have also read 3 books on it and have completed only 8% of my total library!

There is even a rewards system based on how much you read. Rewards are attributed for finishing a book, reading 5 times during lunch and so on — you get my point. It’s a nifty side-thing that is sure to keep you entertained.

Are you going to take advantage of this rare offer?

Pick up a Kobo Touch eReader from Indigo and Get a $20 Gift Card

Free $20 gift card with kobo purchase

Back in August, I had written and bought a Kobo eReader at Chapters. I should have waited because you lucky people are getting an even better offer than I did! For a limited time, pick up this sensational piece of technology and get a free $20 gift card in the process.

Our Chapters Indigo page is also filled with codes for you to save on ebooks and the purchase of your Kobo. I’ve conveniently placed one of them here for you:

Details: Save 10% off your entire order
Expires: 18th November, 2012
Visit Indigo here

Take note that this offer finishes the 18th of November too, just like the code.

I can’t begin to describe my extreme fondness to this gadget and my adoration for it. Chapters KoboIt has changed my daily commute to what was boring to a perfect time to catch up on my reading and, because it’s not heavy and pretty lightweight, it can be taken anywhere I go.

When the last deal came out, it was a $15 gift card they were giving away and I managed to snag a free case for my eReader because of it. There was a super girly pink case that was reduced from $40 to $15 the day I went in; all I had to pay was for the tax and it was mine. There’s also a bunch of covers priced at $20 right now, as well, like this Red Cover at 43% off. How’s that for a deal?

The eReader itself it $99, but read Margarita’s article on how to save on books, including eBooks to find out why you get your money’s worth when it comes to this device.

I love my Kobo, do you?

Save up to 50% off on Select Categories During the Fall Clearance Event at Chapters

Up to 50% off select items at Chapters

It’s not always easy shopping for gifts for that one person that seems to have everything. They have more than enough gizmos and gadgets and it’s almost a hair pulling experience when trying to figure out the right gift for them. Right now, Chapters is having a Fall clearance sale with items in select categories up to 50% off.

I bet you didn’t know that we had a code to save $5 off orders of $30 or more lurking on our Chapters coupon page. I’ve provided it here for easier access:

Details: Enjoy $5 off your order of $30 or more
Expires: 31st October, 2012
Visit Chapters here

Keep in mind that although the code is valid until the end of the month, the sale itself has no expiry date listed.

There’s plenty of neat little items to give to everyone in your life; the child or the young at heart would get a chuckle out of Silly Twits ignore their mitts hand soap at only $6.Chapters Soap The master chef or amateur cook in your circle of friends would go crazy for the Stonewall ultimate grill kit at $34.65.

One of the more nifty items that I discovered was the Tea Brim Mug on sale at 50% off for $10. I have a similar one at home and it’s fantastic for your home brewing needs.

Did you know that most items could be shipped for free to your local store? Check out the full details when you place an order and see on how you can save on shipping.

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