Enjoy 15% Off When you Spend $75 or More on Select Items at Chapters

Save 15% off at Chapters

There’s much more at your local and friendly chapters store than just books and magazines. It’s a wonderful place filled with home items, accessories and even toys for the younger ones in your life. Any fan of our Chapters Indigo page will know that there’s always a chance to save, and this time is no exception. For a limited time, save 15% off your order of $75 or more on books, gifts, home decor, toys & more.

Details: Save 15% of when you spend $75 or more on select items
Expires: 2nd December, 2012
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Since, we are currently in the process of looking at stockings and general holiday decorations at my household, this silver sequined stocking just screams that it’s the perfect fit for me and I’m sure for anyone else as well.StockingFeatured on the left, this eye-catching item is on sale at $12.25.

Something else that caught my attention was this feather ornament ball and at 50% off for $4.75, it’s simply a steal! Just image all the compliments you’ll get about this original holiday item!

Don’t forget that you can also ship your purchase to your local store for free and pick it up there instead. Give it a look and let me know what you will be getting?

Pre-order the New Kobo Glo and Mini eReaders Today from Indigo

Pre-order the new eReaders from Indigo

A few weeks ago, when I was updating the Chapters Indigo coupon listing page we have on the site, I noticed that they were running a deal on Kobo eReaders. I succumbed to temptation and bought one thanks to this deal–and also got a free case in the process–and have never looked back (check out the cool photo of me at the bottom of this post). If you’re still on the fence about buying one of these awesome gadgets, then hear me out as I discuss my adventure as we discover the new Kobo Glo and mini eReader.

First things first and that’s to save money:

Details: $5 off when you spend $30 or more
Code: Sept2012
Expires: 31st September, 2012
Visit Chapters Indigo here

Kobo eReaderThe main qualm my friends had when they heard that I bought this gadget is that they think it takes away from the actual feeling of reading a book and that it feels more like you’re reading from a computer screen than a book.

This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

The screen is designed to be anti-glare and you can easily read it under direct sunlight–much like a paper book. The technology is called E-Ink and, with the exception that you are reading on a tablet, it mimics the printing of a paperback perfectly—it is ink after all. As a bonus, it also helps save space in your home because you can load up your eReader with tons of novels instead of loading up your bookshelves with paperbacks.

Right now at Chapters, you can pre-order the next generation of this gadget. The Kobo Glo eReader retails at $129.99 and adds a unique touch to it, an adjustable backlight which is going to be beyond useful.

The second option is the new mini Kobo eReader which retails at $79.99. It has the same functionality as the full sized one, except it’s smaller in size.

Word of advice: Don’t worry too much about which color Kobo you get if you’re planning on buying a case. The color is only visible on the back and, if you buy a case, that back colour won’t be visible anyway. I was intent on getting the lilac one originally but, once this was pointed out to me, I settled for a pink case instead.

Erin with her Kobo eReader

~ Me with my new kobo eReader

Chapters Promo Code for September 2012; Save $5 on Orders of $30+

Chapters September Coupon

Every month, Chapters release a new coupon code that is normally good for a $5 discount on purchases of $30 or more. This month is no exception and you can find the September code below to enjoy the promotion that will last throughout the month.

If you still haven’t completed your shopping for back to school or you just found out what textbooks you need to buy for school, Chapters is a great place to get what you need. Don’t forget to use the code to save money plus get the latest deals and offers on our Chapters coupons page.

Details: $5 off $30+
Expires: 30th September 2012
Visit Chapters Indigo here

I was just checking the latest books released on and I found out that J.K. Rowling will be The Casual Vacancyreleasing a new book on September 27th. The story of the book called ‘the Casual Vacancy’ takes place in a small town that isn’t what it looks like at first.

Are you going to buy the latest novel by J.K. Rowling? I’m more intrigued than interested in buying this book, only because she is the creator of the Harry Potter series, and I want to see what she can write outside of Hogwarts.

Let us know what you think about it if you ever read it.

Double Your Rewards At Chapters With An Extra 10% Off

Extra 10% off at Chapters

Did you know that on our Chapters Indigo Page there is always a code available good for a $5 discount when you spend $30 or more? Well, it’s about to get even sweeter for plum members: for a limited time get an 10% off your next online book purchase.

I’m providing you with both codes for your shopping convenience:

Details: 10% off your next purchase for Plum reward members
Expires: 31st August 2012
Visit Chapters Indigo here
Details: $5 off your order of $30 or more
Expires: 31st August 2012
Visit Chapters Indigo here

Cats and Books in LoveNow, here’s the breakdown and a little math for you: if your purchase is below $50, you’ll save more by using the code to save $5 on your order. For anything over that, it’s more beneficial to use the one for a bonus 10% off.

If you’re looking to increase your collection–or possibly looking for another book for your cat to sleep on, there are some great, critically acclaimed series that are available; take the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.r. Martin. This fantasy series is what the HBO series Game of Thrones is based off. Unlike other series, the show is very true to the books and anyone will tell you what a great show it is.

This series includes the first 4 books only and is listed at $25.05 for members before the additional 10% off. That’s a steal for the set! Membership is free to register and there’s plenty of amazing benefits to take advantage of.

Stay Organized for Less with 30% Off Academic Agendas at Indigo

30% off at Indigo

I’m getting better at organizing my daily and monthly routines, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m still working on it! If you’re like me and a daily planner filled with notes helps you survive, then take a look over at Indigo at their selection of agendas marked down to 30% off*.

Plus, in the act of trying to be more frugal—and just plain smart, I’m doubling down by adding a code to save a bonus $5 off thanks to our Indigo coupon page, I pasted the one I’m going to use below, but go to the other page for the newest codes after August.

Details: $5 off when you spend $30
Expires: 31st August, 2012
Visit Indigo here

Kitty Nap TimeBack in high school, we were given an agenda and–when we weren’t decorating them with the latest pictures of the hottest celebs–it was honestly quite useful and helpful to have around. I’ve picked up one in my adult years to help keep track of important dates, appointments, birthdays…the whole kit. Even in this day and age were Facebook reminds you of birthdays and you can schedule tasks on the smartphone of your choice, writing them down is always better and more handy—you get to tick them off or cross them out which gives me an enormous sense of well being and accomplishment. Anyway a website or device could stop working at any given time; a hand-written page won’t.

* Keep in mind though that the sale on the agendas ends August 26th. Shipping is also free when you spend $25 or more.