$5 Off Centrum ProNutrients Canada

There is a lot of talk as to whether vitamin supplements work or not. For those of you that kind of know that you have a poor diet and need some boosting then supplements may be something you use. If you use supplements then you’ve probably heard of Centrum, they are one of the biggest names out there, the guys with the slogan ‘complete from a-z’.

Well this is the company that is running a printable coupon today. Up until June 1st 2014 customers who print and take this coupon to a store can get $5 off the purchase price of Centrum ProNutrients. The ProNutrients is one of their sub brands containing either Omega3, vitamin D3, Calcium or vitamin B. I take fish oil supplements (apparently it is meant to help with dry eyes, it was recommended by my optician as I wear contact lenses) and while it tastes nasty I have seen a slight improvement. I can’t really offer an opinion on the rest though having never tried them.

Check whether your pharmacy will actually take the printable coupon before going through all the trouble, as we all know there are stores that don’t accept home printed coupons (which this is one of).

Print this Centrum ProNutrients coupon.