Free 3D glasses for Queen Elizabeth II documentary

Queen Elizabeth 3D

The CBC has been working on the production of a documentary in 3D about Queen Elizabeth II. The documentary about her coronation and her special relationship with Canadians will be broadcast on CBC TV Monday September 20th at 7pm (and repeating on CBC news network Sept 20th and Sept 25th at 10pm ET/PT). As it has been produced with a 3D technology you absolutely want to get those free 3D glasses to watch this 1st 3D documentary broadcast in Canada.

Click on our link below to find out where’s the closest Canada Post office to go and get your glasses. Be aware that there’s a maximum of 4 pairs per customer and they are available while supplies last. So it’s probably a good idea to and get them as soon as possible.

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Click here for more information on the Queen Elizabeth II in 3D movie

I wasn’t really excited by the subject of the documentary, but after reading about it and about the different footage part of it, I realized that it might be quite interesting to see all of this in 3D. So I’m gonna get a pair of 3D glasses for sure, because I think it will be fascinating to watch a documentary on TV in 3D. Hopefully the broadcast will be working properly as right now they are still doing some tests. So be ready in front of your TV for this historical event! And I can’t wait to see more and more TV shows and movies broadcast in 3D!