Canvas People

Free Canvass

Canvas PeopleWhat a freebie we found today from the great site Canvas People. For a limited time only customers can get a free photo canvas. So you upload your photo and they will print your picture for free on a mounted canvas.

If you have ever seen a photo on a canvas you will know how amazing it looks, people always wonder if it’s a the best painting they have ever seen. So choose one of your favourite photos to upload. Great as a gift if you ask us. Finding a decent website that allows canvas printing is hard enough let alone one that let’s customers get it for free.

Click here to get your free Canvass from Canvas People

The only thing you have to pay for is postage (you can’t expect them to absorb that too). So you get a free canvas online in Canada which normally has the value of $55. The size first time customers get for free is 8×10″, but if you want a bigger size the prices are reduced by over 50% instead. I have my eyes on the big one at 18×24″ it will fit perfectly in my home office. We seriously recommend using a photo that you have that’s high resolution so you don’t see the pixels, so anything less than 5 megapixel’s for their largest frame won’t come out as you would like, the better the resolution of the photo the better quality of the canvas print. Customer can choose to pay for a frame, but we honestly prefer the prints without the frames as the pictures are stretched over the canvas so people can still see the sides of the picture on the sides of the canvas. The site also let’s you play with the artwork, we can wait to try out the colour enhancement option, it looks sharp.

The site does worldwide shipping, so this promo is available all over the globe. When we tested the shipping costs for the freebie (and note we are in Quebec) it cost $14.95 for shipping and handling.

If anyone has some Canvass People Promo Codes please let us know, we would love to post them on this page to share with other customers. We found one with the promo code; Family55apply Canvass People Promo Code which will apparently get customers $55 off, when we tested it it said; “$55 Gift Certificate, 50% off copies, and 50% off additional canvases (including shipping)”, so it looks likes it works.

This is what they have to say about themselves: “CanvasPeople’s mission is to provide a free canvas to every home. Right now, you can receive a free 8×10 canvas or a $55 discount towards a larger canvas size…You only pay the shipping and handling. CanvasPeople offers a ton of different options and special effects, so they’re sure to satisfy even the toughest art critic. Why not turn your cherished memories into a work of art with the gift of CanvasPeople?”