Canadian National Exhibit

Get Early Bird Specials on Tickets for the Canadian National Exhibit

Ok, frugal-friends; I’ll confess that I’ve never heard of the Canadian National Exhibit before recently (I also don’t live in Ontario, so that might play a factor here). The more I read about it, however, the more I’m realizing that it’s more like a big, huge, fun party than anything else. A party where all age groups can expect something intriguing and entertaining; from kids petting zoos to local food vendors to a performance from 90s teen heartthrob Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys (oh, I know some of you blushed at that! I know I’m not the only one who had posters of him when they first came out!).

Also known as The Ex, this event runs from August 17th to September 3rd this year and runs from 10am to 10pm daily, with the exception of Labor Day. Ticket prices can be a tad pricey, but there’s multiple ways for you to save money so you can fill up your belly with more Big Apple Fritters. The biggest way is to buy your tickets online and early; an all-day ride pass and admission to the event is only $36 which equals savings of 31%. If you miss the early bird special, you can always buy your tickets online or from Mac’s Convenience store.

I think a road-trip to this event is in order for me in the next few weeks! I have relatives in the area and I know that they would love to spend a day there. What day do you plan on going?