Buying DVDs for Christmas

Buying Movies for Christmas

Movies are a perfect gift for Christmas as most people are on holiday and like to gather around to watch a good movie together. In that spirit here are the hottest movies and TV shows gifts for 2011, the cheapest place to buy them, plus get a chance to win a gift certificate for for $80.

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Popular Movies & TV Shows Gift Ideas for 2011

Here are the movies and TV shows that are among the most popular this year as voted by us. Some are a little more appropriate for children, while others are more for adults, we went for a nice blend.

When buying movies for as a gift, you need to bear in mind if the recipient has a Blu-Ray player, what kind of movies do they like and if can it be watched more than once. There’s nothing less enjoyable than receiving the same movie twice or getting a Blu-Ray when you only have a DVD reader. I also think that complete collections, all the Indiana Jones movies for example, always make nice gifts as there are usually a ton of ‘bonus features’.

Once again, we’ve searched across multiple trusted stores to find the best prize on the following DVD’s. Don’t hesitate to participate in our giveaway and to give us more gift ideas of movies and TV shows.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection, DVD, $64.99 at, Buy it Now

If you know a Harry Potter fan and you think that they don’t have any of the movies yet, this could make a perfect gift. And less than $70 for 8 DVDs is really cheap.

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Blu-Ray, $90.93 at, Buy it Now

If your dad is a Star Wars fan, then this is the perfect Christmas gift. He’ll probably spend an entire weekend watching the 6 movies telling everyone why the first set were better.

Cars 2

Cars 2, DVD, $23.93 at, Buy it Now

This is a perfect gift for your nieces and nephews if they are 12 years old or younger. Cars 2 was one of the most popular animated movies for children in 2011 believe it or not.

TV shows

Planet Earth

Planet Earth, DVD, $49.95 at, Buy it Now

For anyone who likes traveling or who likes the outdoors, this is a must have gift. If you know someone with a subscription to National Geographic then don’t hesitate, this is the perfect gift for them. And for anyone who hasn’t seen this, buy it for yourself as it is amazing, if you can get it in blu-ray and watch it on the biggest best TV you can find, then sit back in awe.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory: the Complete Fourth Season, DVD, $34.99 at, Buy it Now

One of the funniest TV shows ever made! You’re really going to have a ball watching it, just silly light hearted humor, and the show is getting more popular by the day.

The Pacific

The Pacific, $50, DVD, at, Buy it Now

By the same director than Band of Brothers, here’s a fascinating war TV mini series. If you know someone who liked Band of Brothers, then you can be sure that they are going to love this one.

More Gifts Ideas

If you think that the person already has a vast DVD collection and you’re not able to sneak around to see which one they don’t own yet, here are a few more suggestions. First, gift card for a theater is always a good idea as theater tickets and food cost so much these days and it’s not getting any cheaper. And if you choose to get them a Cineplex gift card for example, it means that they can also use it on any other products. And since it is now possible to shop online at, they could decide to buy movies instead. You can get a Cineplex gift card online and choose the card design plus personalize it with a message. Five minutes and you’re done with gifts.

If buying a gift for kids, you can also decide to buy other products related to the movies. For example, you could buy the car toys from Cars 2 or a pajama from their favorite movie. I wouldn’t risk this with adults but it always works with kids!

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Good luck to everyone!