Bully Sticks

Free Dog Treat

Bully SticksIf you have a dog then this freebie is a must. Every dog loves chewing on their food and bully sticks are a great time occupier for your little on (or big one)

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Bully Sticks are a high in protein, low fat chewie made from free range cattle from the lands of South America with apparently no antibiotics or added chemicals. They are good for removing tartar and promoting healthy teeth and gums (better than brushing the dogs teeth any day)

On the site it says “enter State & Province”, but you will note it doesn’t include Canadian provinces. Try putting your province on the same line as your city, and choosing CA in the State/Province line. Apparently this works. If it doesn’t make a comment below.

Please Note: Our bully sticks are very popular! And we loving sending out free samples to dogs who will love them. We are a small company, however and limited in how many we can send out each month. Each month we send out free samples to the first 150 people to sign up. If you do not recieve your sample in the next week, please consider trying again at the beginning of next month! Thanks and happy chomping!