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Save $3 When you Spend $10 at Bulk Barn; Plus get a Free Reusable Bag

If you’re a fan of Epic Meal Time, then there’s no doubt you’ve seen the Candy Taco night video and felt the sudden need to rush to the dentist at the amount of candy that was used in that video. Did you ever wonder where the bold boys of cuisine get their supplies? From Bulk Barn of course; where there are rows and rows of bulk-buy items to suit most needs. It’s the perfect go-to place for pastry chefs and amateur home-cooks alike.

Still not tempted? Thats a good thing, go pat yourself on the back. Otherwise why not also enjoy a printable coupon to save $3 when you spend $10 or more? Not the greatest savings in the world but there’s a bonus; a free bonus. Receive a free reusable bag when you spend $10 or more; not only do you save money, but you get a free bag.

Watch out, the free bag offer is only valid until June 21st (June 20th in Quebec) 2012.

Bulk Barn