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With summer already behind us, it’s definitely never too early to start thinking about next year’s warmer than warm temperatures or perhaps even a vacation down south this winter. Since Fall is one of the best times to shop for summery clothes, shop at Buffalo Jeans for anything that catches your eye and enjoy absolutely free shipping with all orders!

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Did you find yourself in dire need of shorts this summer, only to stumble on the most outrageous prices? I sure did and that’s never good for a woman on a budget!

Panama ShortsPrincess ShortsStock up for next year or for a little trip this winter with Buffalo’s large selection of not only shorts, but summer clothes in general. Whether the Panamas on the left or the Princess shorts, either one is sure to satisfy many, most notably with their slashed prices!

Nandy ShirtNever say never and keep going forward in this inspiring Nandy shirt which features a boat divided by lines within its design. From the sale section, there’s also the Nafigen shirt, which is sure to please many fashion tastes, especially with its motivational description which poses the questions:

Are you styled to lead or born to impress? Both?

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Won’t Last Long! Save 15% at Buffalo Jeans with the VC Exclusive Code

Buffalo Jeans 15% Off

If you haven’t shopped at Buffalo Jeans’ online store yet, then I really don’t know what you’re waiting for and I urge you to take advantage of the wonderful VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive promo code for 15% off all orders!

Free shipping offers like the one we have one our Buffalo store page are awesome and all but nothing beats taking off a certain percentage. Comment below on whether you agree or disagree!

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Sahov Men's ShirtEmbodying hotness, the model —ahem, I mean the shirt on the left— would definitely work to accentuate the arms, chest, back and really, any vital area! Given the name Sahov, it features a casually dressy style that could be boldly paired with yellow pants just as in the picture.

However, before purchasing any style of pants at Buffalo Jeans or anywhere else for that matter, be sure to take a moment to get fitted to pinpoint the exact type of jeans that would look the best for your body type!

Jillian Women's JeansAs for the ladies, the best part about the Jillian skinny jeans is that since they themselves make for an awesome statement piece, all you need to do is dress them down slightly with a simpler and more casual-looking top such as the Silvan. The key here is not to overdo it — well, unless that’s the style you’re going for!

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Add Some ‘Pow’ to August with Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans (A VC Exclusive!)

Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans with VC Exclusive

Although many see the beginning of August as the end of Summer, fact of the matter is that there’s still a whole month left to take advantage of the sunny days! Celebrate Summer by taking advantage of our VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive for free shipping at Buffalo Jeans on all orders — after all, why pay shipping fees when you can add something extra to your shopping cart instead?

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Driven JeansAs much as jeans can look amazing on their own, if the fit isn’t right, then nothing else matters. Unfortunately, it would seem that most guys simply buy any pair that looks about right, all the while completely forgetting to take into consideration the fit of the jeans with regards to their body type. It’s perhaps for this reason that Buffalo Jeans has so helpfully created the guy’s guide to denim, which is sure to be useful to many. Turns out that their Driven jeans is a straight fit suitable for all body types and and can be worn all day long from running errands to driving for success at the office. Luckily, it’s currently available at a reduced price of $99.99 instead of its usual $129.

Pow Nikki ShirtJust as the title suggests, add some ‘pow’ this month with the ‘Pow’ Nikki shirt. Discounted to $18.99, it’s sure to please, especially when gifted to the teenager in the family! Cropped tanks are particularly trendy at the moment and this one would surely be great to wear at a concert.

Granted, while this top wouldn’t particularly be appropriate for all occasions, the Blairy on the other hand, definitely would! In fact, pair it with the Natalia jacket and you’re sure to get loads of compliments at the office.

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The Wait is Over – Enjoy Free Shipping and 30% Off at Buffalo Jeans

Save 30% and Get Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans

When it comes to saving money, waiting for awesome online promotions and deals is probably one of the best ways to go, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes. For the next couple of days, take advantage of Buffalo Jeans’ offer and take 30% off orders totaling $250 or more and even have it shipped absolutely free!

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Did you know that Buffalo Jeans was founded back in 1985?

Airy DressSoak up the summer heat in the lovely Airy dress, perfect for showing off those curves. Featuring a lace design in the front and back, it’s a sure for any occasion this summer — perhaps even for attending a wedding or two?

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a nice pair of pants, then the Felow jeans may become your next go-to pair. Since you can never have enough shirts, pair the jeans with a lovely shirt or blouse to boost your order to the required minimum.

Sawpin ShirtNot to worry though, guys can save during this promotion as well! Perhaps the Sawpin shirt reduced to $59.99 may strike the fancy of most, especially since it’s made 100% from cotton for added durability and most of all, comfort.

As for jeans, the Ash Basic are sure to feel great, most notably since they have already been discounted to $69.99 and are available in red, black or green. Accessories are also just as important as the overall outfit; don’t forget to choose a nice belt to compliment any ensemble.

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Do You Love it? Free Shipping at Buffalo Jeans with VC Exclusive

Buffalo Jeans Free Shipping VC Exclusive

Coming to you at ultra-high speeds and in full force is yet another amazing VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive for Buffalo Jeans Canada. For a limited amount of time, enjoy absolutely free shipping on ALL orders and the best part is that there are a couple of sales that you definitely won’t want to miss:

  • 50% off already reduced merchandise (as low as $12.50!);
  • $10 off ALL shorts (ends April 29th, 2013).
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Tracy blouseWow, when I saw the amazing deal to be had on the Tracy blouse, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Originally priced at $89, it has already been reduced once to $24.99 and can be yours for a mere $12.50! It comes in a acid washcolor and features rolled-up sleeves with a generally relaxed fit. As Talla from Big Brother Canada would say, do you love it?

In terms of denim blouses, the Trixie is definitely worth the peak. Unlike the one on the left, it comes in a true blue color and has more of a slim fit to it.

Nianos TeeWe all know how much certain t-shirts can end up costing quite a fortune, but the Nianos, which was originally priced at $45, can be yours for only $15 — a rather sweet deal for a 100% cotton t-shirt with a modern twist!

Let us know below which items caught your eye and be sure to stay up-to-date with Buffalo Jeans’ future promotions.

VC Challenge for Guys: Dare to Wear White Pants with the VC Exclusive

Buffalo $40 Off On Orders of $300

Always buying the same-colored clothes, more specifically jeans, is boring and should be avoided at all costs. Granted it can comforting to go with the tried and the true, but how do you know that something you have never worn won’t become your next favorite?

This is why VoucherCodes.ca is challenging everyone to buy something out of their comfort zone and more specifically for men out there, to purchase a pair of white pants. As an incentive, go ahead and save $40 off every purchase of $300 or more at Buffalo Jeans!

Orders exceeding $99 also qualify for free shipping and if you shop before April 7th, 2013, then you can get a $25 coupon upon spending $100 or more, or a $75 coupon upon spending $200 or more.

Exclusive Buffalo Canada CouponDetails: Save an amazing $40 off orders of $300 or more
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Featured below are Buffalo’s Evan Basic jeans in –you guessed it– white!

Mens Evan Basic White JeansNow you may be wondering how to wear your new white Buffalo jeans and as with anything, the main idea to remember is that you don’t want to overdo it. Think of the pants as a blank canvas onto which you can add pattern and color but if you put too much, you’ll end up with a chaotic mess.

Another important element to remember is that while all colors will look great with the pants, they might not necessarily go well with your skin type. According to Every Guyed’s “How to Choose Clothing Colors That Flatter Your Skin Tone“, those with cooler skin tones should opt for purples, blues, green and pinks, while those with warmer tones are recommended to stick with reds, golds, oranges, yellows, camels, and dark browns.

Womens Terese ShirtAs for the ladies out there, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone this month and to purchase something that you normally wouldn’t. The Terese shirt is definitely worth looking into, especially since it’s on sale for $49.99. Featuring stunning white flowers on a black mesh, it’s perfect for hanging out with friends or grabbing a bite to eat.

In case you’re interested in white pants of your own, try the Gibson distressed jeans with a skinny leg.

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Heat up your Wardrobe with 20% Off Orders of $199 at Buffalo Jeans

Buffalo 20% off $199 or more

A beautiful new offer has popped up on our Buffalo Jeans Canada special offers page: starting today and lasting until it’s been redeemed 50 times or until March 31st, 2013 –whichever comes first– you can be one of the lucky few to snag this coupon code and save a bundle. Order for $199 or more and enjoy 20% off your entire order along with free shipping.

Isn’t it time to spruce up your wardrobe with some of the amazing clothes available in the sale section of Buffalo Jeans?

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Buffalo jeans are well-known around the country and it’s easy to see why when you lay your eyes on these Felow jeans that have been reduced to $98.99.Buffalo Item They have a flared bottom and a fitted waist to give a stunning look to your legs.

Don’t worry men, there’s something for you too. I’ve always had a thing for a man in dark jeans and, if you’re like me, you’d definitely appreciate these Six-X jeans marked down to $99.99. They are fitted, bold in design, and include a contrast stitching on the back pockets to draw attention to your…well, you know!

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