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Right now if you buy for more than $25 at you will get a free gift. is a book club type site where you can become a member for free just by registering with your email address. Then you need to buy at least 3 books a year to stay a member with them. And supposedly their prices are really good so I’ve done a quick comparison with and in every cases they were either lower or equal.

So, if you always buy a lot of books per year, well this book club might be a good way to save a bit of money. And the choice of books that you get as a gift are pretty interesting so you won’t regret it. Check their website and let me know what you think about those book club sites. On my side I prefer buying a book when I really want one and not having to buy necessarily 3 books per year, even though at the end I always buy more than that anyway. No coupon code is required!

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