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Raise your hand if you have a bad habit of frantically scrambling for everyone’s Christmas gifts at the last minute. To be honest, I’m definitely guilty of this one and hopefully, this year will be as different for me as it will be for you! Take advantage of Blurb’s special to save 20% off all photo books and even get free shipping!

The best part about Blurb is their commitment to the industry since they have made it their mission to make sure that everyone gets a shot at having their name published on a book!

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With Blurb, creating your very own unique photo book is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You can either create your own template or simply drag and drop your pictures into pre-existing ones. Plus, you can also determine features such as: size, paper and cover types!

Create a milestone photo book documenting your baby’s important moments: from the first walk to the lemon eating and many others firsts!

Or use Pinterest to find original holiday photo book ideas or any others. This lovely promotion is yours to have fun with and best of all, your unique photo book can then be gifted to friends and family!

Have you ever created your very own photo book online?

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It’s hard to discover a new way to be creative when it comes to gifts and it’s even harder to be original at times. While the Blurb coupon page has a bunch of great offers, I’m bringing you a red hot Exclusive.

For a limited time, enjoy 15% off your entire order and discover the great feeling of being a self-publisher.

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Blurb Item There’s a lot more than just photo books at Blurb as brochures, magazines and even eBooks can also be created. With digital print gaining a strong foothold in the literary industry, it has become incredibly easy to deliver files to those far away, especially since eBooks are unique and neat to make.

Does your family have a bunch of closely guarded family recipes that you would like to compile into one place? Design your own recipe book in digital format and choose everything from the layout to the text and the image. Your eBook can even be sold on the Apple bookstore afterwards for some added earnings.

This is a also a perfect option for future writers that want an easy way to get published. Design your eBook and publish it for the world to see.

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Blurb Coupon

Until tomorrow only, September 24th 2012, customers can save 30% off books at Blurb. But since we regularly have discount codes for Blurb, you can always check our Blurb promotions page to find the latest one if ever you missed this one.

You can now make ebooks or instagram books with your photos at If you’re not sure what you want to make, have a look at the project ideas section, it’s pretty inspiring.

Details: 30% off
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With so many similar services available online to create your own photo book, what is the buzz around Blurb? Having tried a few different ones, I would say that the number of templates and options available in the Blurb software is bigger than in most other ones. This allows us to have exactly what we want and to make a book that could potentially look more professional.

Instagram PhotobookOn the other hand, it also means that it could be a bit more complicated to use and you will need to spend more time on your project for a professional result. So before starting a new photo book project, it is important to choose the online service that will fulfill your needs.

15% off Blurb Photo Book

When you were younger, did you or a relative ever do scrap booking? My sister still does it, and takes great time and effort into every book she makes. She’s been doing it for years and has a great passion for it. I made one or two myself, back in high school. But I unfortunately lack the time for it nowadays. Thankfully, Blurb has come up with a fantastic solution for those that have little to no time.

This is also a great idea for Father’s day as you can place all those cherished (or humerus) pictures in one place for Dad. Until June 30th, save 15% on Blurb photo books and create your own masterpiece. They give you free creative range on all aspects of your book; from the cover to style to how many pages.

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