Blockbuster Closing Sale

BlockbusterOne of the worst hit companies of late was and is Blockbuster stores. They went bankrupt in the US last year and we all knew it was just a matter of time before they closed down their international stores. Competing with online services like Netflix and even pirated online video streaming is a tough business and Blockbuster were not quick enough to jump on the online video streaming bandwagon and to close down their retail stores, therefore they are closing their Canada stores one by one.

Why is this noteworthy news? Because they are selling off their stock at super cheap prices with bargains a-plenty for customers (50-70% off their inventory). With 146 stores to close throughout Canada (link to PDF of stores closing from the Globe & Mail) there is sure to be a store relatively close to you.

An important note is that if you have a blockbuster gift card you must use it before the stores close otherwise it is worthless.

The discounts apply to all of their stock, from confectionery to video’s, dvd’s, blue-ray’s, video games and posters and other items they have.

Use this handy Blockbuster Canada store locator to find the nearest store to you. There is no word yet on the outcome and what will happen to and the .com, the websites I believe are still profitable.

Blockbuster Unlimited Movies for $9.99

BlockbusterBlockbuster Canada has a new promotion, it’s funny how Videotron and other video store competitors just don’t compete with promotions. So customers for the price of $9.99 can get a month of favourite rentals with no late fees or due dates. You can only rent one at a time, but this would allow you to have up to 30 movies for $9.99 in a month! Which is pretty amazing if you ask me. It’s the kind of promotion I would love if I was to have some time off sick in bed.

Find more details about this Blockbuster promotion

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