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Get 5% off on rental of textbooks on BigMama online store. This company does textbook rentals of all kinds, and with the few I researched they really seem to have everything you might be looking for. A book that you can normally buy brand new for $169 (I also compared the prices with can be rented on their website for the semester for only $59, which is great (in my opinion, having been a super poor student myself). You save $110, they ship it to you and then you return it at the end of your semester. I think this is a good idea to save a bit of money for everyone that is still at school. Especially for books that could be more complicated to find. And as every student knows every cent counts.

But bear in mind you cannot write or highlight in these books!

I still think though that if you’re able to buy a second-hand book, this is always better because you can resell it after and then you save a lot more money. I did it that way during my entire studies and most of the time I was able to resell it for almost the same price as I paid for it. But if you prefer having your books brand new and don’t want to go shopping for them, then go online on their website and rent your books! Especially good for all those lazy students out there, as remember they deliver the books right to your door, so no need to get out of your PJ’s.

And now you can save even more when you use this handy coupon code we have been given. The code get’s all customers a very welcome 5% off. Use it while it’s hot!

Description: 5% off on Textbook Rentals
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