Celebrate Best Buy’s 10th Anniversary with Huge Deals and Door Crashers

Best Buy anniversary event

Happy birthday Best Buy, you’re a decade old! Celebrate this milestone with them by taking advantage of huge discounts and even bigger door crasher deals. There’s a multitude of deals happening this week, but the latter are happening this weekend only.

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Expires: 14th October, 2012

For the record, I don’t own a Sony eReader; but I do own a Kobo eReader which features the same technology as it’s Sony counterpart. I’ll even be the first to say that Sony has its competition beat with its Evernote feature; a feature that lets you carry documents, images, and web clippings whenever you are away from your computer. It turns it from a simple eReader to a nifty USB key as well. Sony eReader at Best Buy

The version offered as a door crasher at Best Buy is the Pottermore edition and comes with a voucher for the first book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s also currently 121.64 during this door crasher event and you should try and pick up a pink one, if possible.

Shipping is also free with orders over $20.

Indulge your Gamer Side and Save $10 on Video Games at Best Buy

$10 off video games at Best buy

When I first got my Reward Zone membership for Best Buy, I didn’t expect much to come from it besides the ability to earn points. Then, when I received an email today to save $10 on any game priced $29.99 or more, it immediately caught my interest and I rushed to post it in on our Best Buy Canada coupon page.

Take note that you have to be a reward zone member to take advantage of this deal. There’s also a printable coupon to be used in-store if you wish, and you can find that here.

Details: Save $10 on video games priced at $29.99 or more
Expires: 10th September, 2012
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Video game kidThe offer is only available on one item and you can only use it once. It’s not valid for pre-orders and items on sale. While this seems kind of restricting, there’s still a ton of games you can use this on.

I think the most noteworthy one that automatically came to mind was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which is $59.99 at Best Buy. The next installment in the series is dropping in November so make sure your trigger finger is fully trained with the game.

There’s also the next expansion in the World of Warcraft series being released on September 25th, so pick up the latest one–which was Cataclysm–for $29.99 before the rebate.

Shipping is also free with orders over $20. Game on!

Get Up to $30 Off a New Ipod Itouch when you Trade in an Old Mp3 Player at Best Buy

Trade in event at Best Buy

Music is one of those necessary things that I need to get myself motivated in life; from working out to cooking to dancing around my room getting ready to go out. If you have an old mp3 player lying around and you would like to update it, then grab it and bring it to Best Buy and you’ll get up to $30 off a new IPod Itouch.

Now, this deal is only available in-store, but don’t forget to check out our Best Buy page for awesome deals online, as time to time they release some pretty decent online only offers.

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Expires: 30th August 2012

Fishing ipod

Depending on the Ipod model you would like to get, you can save up to $30 off the gadget. The new Itouch devices also include free texting to other Itouch, Iphone and Ipads with people who have Imessaging and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s super rare that any Apple products go on special to start with, so if you’re in the market for one, get it now.

I have a second generation Itouch at home that I still use frequently for the apps and because of the mass amount of music I have on it. I was never interested in getting an Iphone–my blackberry would also hate me for it–so I opted to get the touch instead. It’s cheaper than an Iphone and you can use all the same apps as its phone version.

Fight the Master Chief in Halo 4; Pre-Ordrer it Now From Best Buy

Pre-order Halo from Best Buy

There are those who said this day would never come. What have they to say now? Halo 4 has finally touched ground and your chance to pre-order it from Best Buy is here. So make a galactic pit stop at our Best Buy page and find out how you can get free customizable gear and bonus points. And yes, those aliens have insurance.

Pre-Order Halo 4 from Best Buy
Expires: Not provided

When you pre-order from Best Buy, you get to suit up in Halo infinity multiplayer competitive and cooperative matches with a unique armor skin for the Spartan-IV Dead Eye armor and helmet. The colors of the armor skin and helmet can be customized to fit your personality. So if you want to have a pink outfit, then go crazy!
Red Vs. Blue
Also, if you are a Reward Zone member, you get a bonus 800 points that is a $10 value. If you’re not yet a member, join up for free and get bonus promotions and special deals that you get advanced notice on. I have a card myself and that’s how I found out about this awesome pre-order deal.

Take note Quebec residents: they are currently providing this product in English, which is not in compliant with the Quebec language legislation. Therefore, it is not available for shipping within the province of Quebec, but you can still purchase this product as long as it is shipped to a province outside of Quebec. It’s bound to change soon, since Quebec has a huge market for Halo players.

Are You Ready for Back-to-School? Save Up to $200 on HP Products at Best Buy

Best Buy HP Days

One of the best times to buy a new computer or laptop is either Boxing Day or the back-to-school season; stores are always offering major deals and discounts in order to capitalize on increase purchases, rather than with the goal to help them study easier and hopefully not play Diablo 3 some more. Well, make sure to bookmark our Best Buy coupon page because it contains super computer deals.

For a limited time, you can save up to $200 on select HP products, like laptops and monitors and even webcams. Don’t miss out on the HP days event going on at Best Buy to not only get something that’s top of the line, but to save money in the process.

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Expires: 16th August, 2012

Hp Laptop
One of the many thing you can pick up in this sale is a HP Laptop with a 750GB Hard drive and 6GBS of memory for only $429.99 before tax. At the same time, when you buy this laptop you have the option to buy Microsoft Office for $99.99, get Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 and you’ll get a free DiRT Showdown download no matter what. I bought a HP Pavilion laptop a few years back and have never had a single problem with it to date–knock on wood and all that good stuff.

Don’t forget that Best Buy has free shipping on orders over $20 or you can choose to pick it up in store the same day. Also, they do price matching so make sure to check your local sales and flyers to take advantage of it!

Everything There Is to Know About Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single serve coffee makers are getting more and more popular each year and they should probably be among the most popular gifts this Christmas. There are quite a few models available out there, mostly from Bosch (Tassimo) and Keurig, so here is a page to help you decide if this is a good gift idea, which one should you get and where to buy it?

The first thing you need to know is if a single serve coffee maker is really what you need. This kind of coffee machine isn’t for everyone, keep in mind that this is not an espresso machine similar to what you can find in restaurants. So before buying one as a gift you might want to read this quick list of pros and cons to help you decide.


– Coffee is ready in less than a minute (when the machine is preheated);
– Cheaper than Starbucks or Second Cup coffee;
– Nothing to Clean


– Coffee quality isn’t as good as if made with an espresso machine;
– Machine is more expensive than a regular filter machine;
– Use of a disposable plastic cup for every coffee isn’t eco-friendly at all

What Models Are Available Out There?

There are a lot of different models available, each for a different price and quality. The cheapest coffee maker starts at only $89.99 and it goes up to $299.99 for a Breville or a Nespresso. Before buying a model, verify how much the coffee cups that you can use with it are, since you don’t want to buy a cheap machine but have to pay $2 per cup after. You also might want to check if they have the flavors you like.

Even though you pay $299.99 for a Breville single serve coffee maker, it doesn’t mean that it is not going to break. When reading reviews about coffee machines, it seems like all the different models break quite often, but the Breville one has a great guarantee so you can easily get a replacement.

I did have a Keurig in the past and it never broke for two years in a row. I think that the coffee was OK but it was never close to the quality you can get with an espresso machine. Please consider though, that what you lose in taste, you definitely make up for in speed, as these machines are really fast.

Our Picks

Under $100
Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo Coffee Machine, Titanium: $99.97 at

Keurig Platinum Single Serve Brewer KUB70: $178.99 at

Over $200
Breville Gourmet Single Serve Brewer BKC700XL: $249.99 at

I also checked the machines available at and, but it looks like all the coffee makers were cheaper at And because they offer free shipping on most orders over $25, there shouldn’t be extra fees for delivery, unless the machine is shipped from the US. Items available at go fast, so you might want to hurry up if you would like to buy a single serve coffee maker online. 3D TV Deals

bestbuy.caSave up to $1020 on 3D TV packages at the moment at I’ve been checking 3D TV prices for a few months now and I need to say that this offer is really wicked. You can get a Samsung 3D 50″ Plasma HDTV and a Blue-ray player for only $1499.99. So we’re not so far away from watching movies and TV shows in 3D in our own living room. And if ever you’re not sure about a 3D TV, well they also have really good discounts on standard LCD HDTV. So check it out, it’s really worth it.

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