$3.50 off BENADRYL® Allergy products

While browsing the Healthy Essentials site today I noticed a new printable coupon for BENADRYL® Allergy, customers can get a printable coupon for the value of $3.00 (liquid gels 20s or 40s).

I have bad allergies sometimes (even though I have 2 cats), I can never quite place what exactly I’m allergic to (other than dust and ragweed that is) but I need to take antihistamines when I get the whole puffy eyes and stuffy nose thing going on. I found that Reactine is the best brand for me, but most of my friends swear by Claratin. But I’m curious to find out if Benadryl is any better, so I will be claiming this coupon for myself.

How have your experiences with Benadryl been?

Print this $3.00 off Benadryl coupon