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With this kind of beautiful weather (25 degrees in Montreal), it just makes me think about leaving for a holiday and enjoying the summer. I love travelling, in fact I’m leaving for one month in Asia soon (don’t worry, the guys will be taking care of you while I’m away), but I’m also a fan of quick weekend getaways.

I try to do these kind of trips with my boyfriend a few times during the year because I think that it really helps you to keep going through those long weeks at work. And when we do such short trips, we like to go in small bed and breakfasts because they are normally really cozy and not too crowded with other tourists.

I discovered the site about a year ago and I really like their online booking services. They also sell gift cards and this can always make a nice gift if you’re not sure where the other person would like to go. The below coupon will allow you to get an extra $50 gift card whenever you purchase gift cards of $250 or more.

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