Play More and Save More with $60 Off Coupons for Barbie Items

I don’t know about you, but I know when I was growing up that Barbie dolls were all the rage and every girl I knew had at least 3-5 different kinds. I had a friend that had a huge bin filled with dolls and accessories and houses and every other add on that you could possibly imagine. I have a soft spot for them still so I couldn’t resist telling you about the $60 worth in coupons that I discovered. I’m super excited, I feel like I’m 4 years old again.

old barbie

From now until September 13th, Websaver will be releasing a new coupon each Tuesday and Thursday for select Barbie items with different amounts that you can save. A super neat feature about this event is that there’s no secret about which coupon is going to be released; they are all listed on the page I link to with what date they will be released, which is super convenient for planning.

If you have little girls with birthdays coming up or you’re already planning for Christmas, then take a few minutes and browse how much you can save during this event. If you don’t have a Websaver account yet, registration is free and takes 31 seconds to do.

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