Axe freebie

Get a Free Sample of Axe Cool Metal via Facebook

Axe Cool MetalHere’s a freebie for all of you guys! Of course girls can claim the free sample for their boyfriend too, but they’ll need to choose the hottest ‘Axe babe’ first. Not sure I really want to do that.

Anyway, once the application is loaded on the Axe Facebook page, you can simply go to the bottom of the page and click to request the sample. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive it. I don’t know how many samples are available, so it’s probably a good idea not to procrastinate if you want to get this one.

Claim your freebie on Axe Facebook page

My boyfriend isn’t using Axe products but he recently got samples of some Axe shampoo. And I need to agree with their ads: it smells really good. I don’t remember the product’s name, but it was an interesting odor, so something really fresh and not too aggressive. I don’t like guys shampoo or perfume that smell so intense you can smell it as soon as they enter a room. I prefer when it’s subtler and you only notice it when getting closer to the guy, but that’s my personal taste. What do you think girls?