A Chance at a Free Sample of A. Vogel’s Herbamare

The difference between a good cook and a great cook lies in one’s ability to season. Of course, there are many other factors at stake but if you use the best seasoning, then surely the rest follows!

Until August 26th 2013, Canadians have the chance to sign up for the chance to win a 2.5g sample of their Herbamare sea salt seasoning, which is available in three flavors: original, zesty or sodium-free.

Although only 5,000 entrants will be selected at random, it’s still worth entering especially since it only takes a couple of seconds!

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Quit Suffering and Try A.Vogel’s Absolut Arnica Gel For Pain Relief in Hands and Knees

Are you suffering from osteoarthritis? Try a free 2g sample of A.Vogel’s Absolut Arnica, which is reputed to relieve knee and hand pains. Essentially, it’s a gel made of arnica, a flower belonging to the sunflower family.

On top of healing bruises, it also relieves pain, leaving a fresh scent on your skin and best of all, no grease marks.

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