Exclusive Discount Code, Save 20% on your Entire Purchase

Have you been missing that extra little finishing touch for your space? Have you thought about picking up a painting? If not, then I have a treat for you that will satisfy your frugal-ness and hopefully tempt you into at least browsing the extensive gallery at

Today marked my first visit to their site (Anne recommended I check it out as my walls are way to ‘bare’ apparently) and I discovered a nifty tool called ‘Inspire my Discovery’ in the visual search section. You input the style that appeals to you and the images that spark your interest and it generates paintings based on your tastes. The search is virtually endless and you can find loads of possibilities. I discovered ‘Apple Tree with Red Fruit’ from Paul Ranson for the first time.

Another neat feature I discovered was that you could view the painting in a ‘room’. They give you presets of different rooms (such as a bedroom or hallway) and you can fiddle with the image sizing and placement. It’s even possible to upload a picture of your own space where you would like to place the painting to get a good idea of what it will look like.

Have I tempted you enough? Well, this might help tip you over the edge. We have teamed up with and have an exclusive code for 20% off your entire purchase. The deal runs until June 30th, which leaves you ample time to buy something if you are moving this summer. logo
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