Celebrate 5 Years of the App Store with Free Apps and Games!

As a daily user of Apple’s products, here are two words I never thought I would see together: “free” and “apps“. It’s no secret that compared to the Google Play Store, many of the same apps often come with a price attached to it in Apple’s App Store. Surprisingly enough, to celebrate 5 years of its App Store’s existence, Apple has decided to reward its users with the following 5 free apps and 5 free games:


  • Barefoot World Atlas
  • Day One (Journal/ Diary)
  • How to Cook Everything
  • Over
  • Traktor DJ for iPhone


  • Badland
  • Infinity Blade II
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Tiny Wings
  • Where’s My Water?

The only hitch with this amazing freebie is that we have no idea when it will end. If you happen to find the expiry date, be sure to post it in the comments section below!

Celebrate with Apple and get 5 free apps and 5 free games.

Will you be downloading them all?

Say Anything with a Free Engraving on a New iPod or iPad

The versatility behind Apple’s iPods and iPads places both products pretty high on the list of the best Mother’s Day gifts. However, since mothers and dare we say, women in general, yearn for meaning in everything, then Apple’s free offer might just propel your 2013 present to the top of the pack.

Though there’s no mention of the promotion’s length, you can add a free laser engraving to any new iPod or iPad for up to 34 characters along with signature gift wrapping on the purchase of any new iPod or iPad at

Free Apple Engraving

Just be sure to tick the “This is a gift” option, followed by “Apple Gift Package” provided during the check-out process to be directed to the appropriate page.

Find out more about the details of Apple’s promotion for free engraving and order here.

Celebrate Back-To-School with Gift Cards from Apple

University students rejoice; Apple is giving you one less headache by helping you keep more money in your pocket to potentially spend on Ramen noodles. Until September 21st, when you buy a Ipad or Mac computer from Apple, you can get up to $100 in gift cards to spend on apps, music, movies… the works. A pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

To qualify for this and to get special pricing, you must either be a university student, a student accepted to a university, a faculty or staff member from any grade level or a parent buying for a university student. There’s a bunch of deals and special pricing just for students so you can easily be on your way to academic greatness (and maybe finally conquering Inferno level in Diablo 3). When you purchase an Ipad, you will receive a $50 gift card to the Itunes store and when you buy a Mac, you will receive a $100 gift card.

There’s a ton of great apps available to help you with your education and everyday life in general. There’s also Angry Birds for those other random moments!

New Apple iPod Touch All right guys, this is fairly big news… The new iPod Touch is out, and it is awesome. The new features on that little gem are amazing. You now get video calling on your iPod. That’s right, FaceTime will now allow you to get real time video conference using Wi-Fi. You also get the new Retina Display, which gives you a 960-by-640 resolution. Another new cool feature is the HD video recording, this one is pretty much self-explanatory. The last but not least, A4 Processor will bring your video games to a whole new level, with a lot more power. Have a look at Apple Canada for more information, here : New iPod Touch.

Get the new iPod Touch starting for $229

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iPhone 4 in Canada

iPhone 4Not quite a bargain but amazing. The iPhone 4 (the new iPhone) has just been announced to launch in Canada. We are waiting for the official date but it will be launched in the U.S on the 24th June and Canada is sure to be not far behind. My guess is that you will be able to buy the new iPhone 4 in August. We believe it is available at the Rogers store for pre-order, and if you are serious about getting one then you should probably join the list as they will likely be out of stock for a while. Read the iPhone 4 review first though.

If you have not heard about the new iPhone or want to check out the features then you can see all the happenings at the Apple Canada store (watch the video). There is a cool yet heavily biased video about the new phone, remember this is not a review, it is straight from Apple.

While I love my iPhone and iTouch I am in need of an upgrade and I am debating between a Google powered Android phone (of which there are loads of amazing ones on the market) or the iPhone 4. I don’t care much for the Microsoft powered machines at all. There are however many reasons why I might get the iPhone, namely I have a Mac so syncing all of my photos, contacts, music etc is a doddle. but the major reason is that I love apps from the app store, I have maybe 50 right now (and growing) most of which are free, and while I hate the stringent “Apple Guidelines” which limit many apps from development to usage most are excellent and help me with my daily life. There are just way more apps for the iPhone than any other device.

So this comes at a similar time that the iPad launches in Canada which is cool. Big news for Apple, one step closer to world domination.

iPhone 4 Review

What I like about the new iPhone 4

5 megapixel camera; this is one of the best megapixel’s you can get on a phone, it also has a flash (but it looks about as powerful as a mosquito) to help with the light.
Screen resolution; now you get a crazy number of pixels on your screen, 4 times more than the previous iPhone, which means better resolution
Video; you could do video on the previous phone, but this one now does front and back video (yes I know crazy) and full 720p resolution, which for a tiny screen is crazy. This means that you can easily watch amazing quality on a 40″ tv in your living room that’s been recorded on your phone.
Style; the thing just looks sexy and more sturdy (so you may not have to get expensive insurance for this one)

What’s rubbish about the iPhone 4

Flash; you still can’t use flash media on their hand held devices, this means flash based websites and much of the worlds internet video is off limits to iPhone users….still.
Apps; the apple rules make it more difficult for developers to follow guidelines and limit the number of apps as well as the usefulness of them.
Price; boy are the Canadian versions going to be expensive. Let’s say you want one without a contact, look to pay in the region of $1,000 for one.

The first to release info about the new iPhone was Gizmodo, they have had over 10 million hits so far of people looking at an iPhone that had been left in a bar, they took it apart before apple remotely deactivated the device. It’s still there is you want the low down before the full specs came out.

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Buy Apple iPad in Canada

iPad Canada

At long last you can now buy the iPad in Canada! All the apple stores and even the apple Canada online store (

Here is the low down. Currently the 16GB iPad is on sale for $549 and the 64GB model is on sale for $879. I don’t see why you would need anything higher than the 16GB model however as books don’t take up much space in terms of memory. I have a 8GB itouch which I love and it’s still not full.

Possibly the most annoying part about the iPad, like so many other Apple products is that they don’t play Flash media. So customers have been unable to play a lot of videos, while online video providers are coming up with compatible video formats for the iPad there are still lots that you can’t see. You can see YouTube videos but not some daily motion or facebook videos, I can’t wait until I can watch MegaVideo videos on the iPad, when that day comes I will buy one instantly so I can watch movies etc online.

I really want to be able to sit outside with my morning coffee and read the news, I especially like the BBC news on the ipad it looks awesome, and I will save on paper and get more up to date news.

Customers also have the option of buying a 3G plan and a 3G enabled iPad. if you don’t know what this is it is basically mobile internet which is amazing, but you do have to pay a monthly fee and the actual iPad’s are more expensive.

→ Click here to buy an Apple iPad in Canada

This is what the iPad can do:

1) Surf the web
2) Email
3) Watch video
4) Manage photos
5) Listen to music
6) Play games
7) Reed ebooks
8) Look at Maps
9) Write, read and create spread sheet
10) Use numerous apps, which allows you to do pretty much anything
11) More……
12) With the new NetFlix Canada App you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows from your account

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