American Apparel Wants to Thank Canadian Customers with a Free Shipping Coupon

American Apparel Free Shipping Promo

American Apparel would like to thank all their Canadian customers for shopping at their online store and for encouraging apparel made in the US. All weekend long, from the 15th until 16th of September 2012, they are offering free shipping on all orders when using this coupon code.

If you missed this promotion, there are two things you can do to enjoy a discount on your purchase. First, have a look at our American Apparel online discounts page where the latest promotions are always listed. But if there is nothing interesting on that page at the moment, you can always sign up to their newsletter and get 15% off your first order, which is a useful tip.

Details: Free shipping
Expires: 16th September, 2012
Visit American Apparel Canada here

American Apparel in ParisAmerican Apparel are known for semi provocative photo shoots for their collections, but this time they did something pretty and simple I think. They took the photos of their latest collection in Paris with their employees as models.

It think that it’s a great match because the style of American Apparel clothes, even though they are made in the US, fits well with the lifestyle in Paris. I don’t like all the photos of course, some are a bit too artistic for my tastes, but I didn’t expect anything less coming from American Apparel.