alternative to electric air purifyers

Top 6 Air Purifying House Plants; How to be Green and Frugal

We’ve all felt it; our sense of smell getting assaulted by various odours and chemicals in the air. Although the smells may not be unpleasant or even noticeable, some can affect our overall health, so I wanted to talk about some natural ways to counteract this in your home.

An air purifier is a recommended idea by most people, but they can run anywhere from $100-$1200 depending on the make and model you choose. I’m trying to be frugal (to the letter) and I unfortunately don’t have that kind of money just floating around. So I set off on a search for an inexpensive alternative that would satisfy my need for cleaner air, but wouldn’t break the bank at the same time. The results of what I found were as surprising as they were interesting.
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