Allsaints custom charges

Farewell all Custom Charges from AllSaints

This is excellent news! The AllSaints US online store has decided to wave all the custom charges for Canadian customers. This means that the shipping amount indicated on your bill will now be the only fee that you need to pay. No more hidden fees and bad surprises when you receive your package. And since All Saints frequently run free shipping promotions, it might also mean no extra charges at all.

Stephen ordered clothes only once from and he had to pay more than $200 in custom charges. This was crazy because he didn’t have a clue how much these charges would be when ordering from the online store, it was only upon reception of the order that he got the bill. I think this really is good news for all Canadians. So I’m definitely more willing to show you all how amazing their clothing lines can be. If you like street fashion, use the link below and check out their styles.

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I had a look at their latest collection, and just like always, they have superb items for summer and fall. I simply love their style, but be aware that it is a more expensive than most high street stores in Canada.