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Alberto European Free Product

albertoHey guys, here’s a sweet freebie from the people at Alberto European. Check it out, you can get a free coupon for any full-size Alberto European product. All you need to do is to become a friend of them on Facebook and add the application. Remember, if you’re not an actual Facebook user, just register and it’s going to be free.

Click here to get your free styling product from Alberto European

We just need to warn you about what it involves to become a friend with the brand real quickly. Remember that once you become a friend of them they will be able to access all your personal information. So what they are actually doing is giving away products in exchange of consumers profiles. That information is worth the free bottle believe me.

We just felt that we needed to remind you that stuff. You might want to become friends with them with a fake Facebook account if you don’t want them access your personal information. The product won’t cost you any money any way you do it.

The freebie seems a 100% legit, I’ve browsed the page and they are a world renowned brand that provides good products. Also, consider that you won’t just get a sampler. You will actually receive a full size bottle of any styling product you choose.