Air Canada student pass discounts

AirCanada Student Pass 2011

Here is a promotion for all the students out there that happen to be reading this blog! If you’re currently studying away from home and you think that it’s way too expensive to fly back regularly to visit your love ones, then Air Canada has launched a promotion just for you. You can buy an Air Canada student pass, starting at $156 per credit and from what I understand one credit is equivalent to a one-way flight segment. The student pass is for 6 credits.

There are a few restrictions though for those passes. First you need to be under 25 and registered in a Canadian or American institution. I know it’s sad that only students under 25 can buy the pass as we all know someone currently doing its phD that is as broke as bachelors can be, if not more. Secondly the pass can only be bought for select destinations and users need travel between August 15th 2011 and June 30th 2012. The price of the passe changes depending from where you’re flying and where you’re heading to. If you’re interested in that promotion, I suggest that you use the following link and have a look Air Canada website for more information. The student pass needs to be bought before September 12th.

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If you’re not a student and you’re currently looking for deals on Air Canada flights, then have a look at our dedicated Air Canada coupons page. We have a new promo code that expires on the 10th of August and that will get all Canadians an extra 30% off select North American destinations.