2012 Father’s Day Canada

Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day under $100

Are you struggling to find your dad the perfect gift for Father’s Day this year? With just one week to go before Father’s Day, the clock is now ticking. So we’ve ask our friends, family and of course our community to find out what would they be giving their dad this year. We also ask a few dads that we know: what is the best gift they could receive?

So with all the data we collected, we’ve build a list of gift suggestions. Simply make your pick depending on your dad’s taste. All these gifts should cost less than $100 (some even more so) so that everyone could find something to fit their budget.

Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

BBQ Tool Set

Stainless steel BBQ tool set, $39.99 at Homedepot.ca, Buy it Now

If your dad is still using the same rusted old BBQ tools for the past 10 years, this might be the perfect gift for him. You can also find some tool sets that come in a nice carry-on box.

Glenfiddich scotch

Bottle of a good Scotch or Whisky, Price may vary

My dad is a huge fan of fine scotch and whisky so this is a safe gift that I’m sure he will always appreciate. The prices vary a lot depending on the brand, the quantity and the alcohol’s age. Glenfiddich is always a safe choice in terms of quality.

Game of Thrones

First season of Game of Thrones TV show, $44.97 at Amazon.ca, Buy it Now

This is the TV show everyone is talking about these days. Both Stephen and Erin keep talking about it and it is supposed to be awesome. It’s kind of a ‘lord of the rings-esc’ TV show so it might not be everyone, make sure your dad is into this kind of fiction before buying the complete first season.

Roots Leather Wallet

Leather wallet from Roots Canada, $54.95 at Canada.roots.com, Buy it Now

Most men don’t change their wallet often unless they are breaking at the seems. So if your dad needs a little upgrade in the wallet department, go for something classic in leather. Roots make quality leather products and they are normally available at reasonable prices.

Barnes and Noble Nook

Nook Simple Touch, $79 at Barnesandnoble.com, Buy it Now

This is a great gift for all the heavy readers that don’t own an e-reader yet. The Nook Simple Touch costs less than $100 and will allow your dad to read all his books on a single device. There are other e-readers out there, but this one is my personal favourite for bank for buck.

Blurb Photo Book

Personalized photo book, price may vary at Blurb.com, Buy it Now

I think that personalized gifts are always really appreciated by people. So the idea of creating of photo book with pictures of you and your dad together or with his grand-children or with your mom is always a good idea.

Top Father’s Day Coupons

Here are some of the best coupons that we’ve found for Father’s Day. We will update this list constantly (up until Father’s Day) as soon as we receive new offers and deals, so keep an eye open on this page.

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