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Priority number 1 this Valentine’s Day is to really WOW the socks off your loved on. The second rule is to give her something to remember you by and to make her remember this year as the best Valentine’s day ever. Before you go running off, I don’t mean getting a tattoo with her name inside of a heart because that won’t work. One of the ways to a girl’s heart is through an enthralling bouquet of flowers that will capture her gaze and keep her mesmerized forever.

Make this possible and even save 25% off your next order with the code provided below. You can thank our 1-800-Flowers coupon page for that.

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1-800-Flowers ItemChocolates, a teddy bear and roses? The bouquet featured on the right definitely can’t go wrong! The combination of red roses and calla lilies is just breath-taking and is sure to be a winner in her heart. The gourmet chocolates and super soft teddy bear are pure bonuses, truly making this combination a home run. Check out this lovely mix of red roses and lilies that can be ordered for only $86.24 after the discount.

Looking for something a bit smaller? Check out this red rose and lily cube, the simplicity and intracy of which is certain to entrance anyone. It can be ordered for $44.99 with the code.

What are you going to do to wow her this Valentine’s Day?

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The holidays are a season for giving and joy, snow and everything else that makes this time of year magical. Our friends at 1-800-Flowers had the same ideas as us, and so we partnered with them to bring you a whimsical chance to save 15% off your order with our Vouchercodes exclusive code.

Get ready to Google some eye-popping bouquets and be frugal all at the same time!

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1-800-Flowers I have fallen hard and fast for this Fields of Europe small bouquet and I’m already picturing it sitting in the center of my dining table. Made locally at your florist and delivered straight to your door, no hassle on your part is necessary. Impress those relatives that are coming over with a beautiful centerpiece and tell them that you did it all by yourself.

Ranging in price, there are 3 sizes available: with the small one priced at $39.99. Our exclusive code makes that even more impressive by dropping it to $33.99, giving you that much more wiggle room in your budget for your favorite people at VoucherCodes.ca.

What will you buy?

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Since saving money makes me smile instantly, it’s no wonder that our 1-800-flowers page brings a huge smile to my face every time. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy to know about our Vouchercodes exclusive that has been hanging out on that page. Take a peek right now at the holiday bouquets from this brand and you can save 15% off your order in the process.

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1-800-Flowers Bouquet When it comes to Christmas colors, bright reds and greens have always been my go-to choices because it’s always fun to strive for something original. Check out this Glorious Christmas bouquet and just picture it sitting on your dining table as a stunning centerpiece. Starting at $79.99, it comes out to $68 after the rebate.

Did you know that each arrangement is hand-crafted just for you? They are made locally and delivered right to your front door. Try it out!

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I don’t know if you’ve had this issue before, but this was a common one in my house; my family and I used to go to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and they would refuse and get downright angry if we tried to help by bringing over a dish or a platter. We still wanted to be polite so we started to buy bouquets of flowers instead. With this in mind I took a peek at our 1-800-flowers.com coupon page to see if I could be frugal this year when it came to my flowers, and I discovered an exclusive code that I knew nothing about! Right now, you can save 15% on your next order through the site.

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1-800-flowersEven if you forget your significant other’s birthday, 1-800-Flowers comes to your rescue; most bouquets are delivered the same day so they’ll never know that you forgot.

I went browsing through some of the choices for Thanksgiving and stumbled upon this lovely Field of Europe arrangement–also featured at the side. It comes in three different sizes, all ranging in price. I liked the medium the most at $49.99 and, when you use our exclusive, that drops down to $42.50.

Make sure to verify which ones are available in your area and if extra shipping costs might ensue.

Who do you want to send a smile too?

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1800 Flowers Offer

Send a beautiful flower bouquet from 1800flowers.com and enjoy 15% off your order. And I don’t need to remind you that there is no need to wait for a special occasion to send flowers to someone you care about. They always make such a nice surprise especially when you didn’t expect them. Think random acts of kindness.

1-800 Flowers have so many choices of flower bouquets, plants and gifts that you might have a hard time to choose what you want. I would recommend to go for something classic and if you’re not sure if the other person has a vase, then buy a bouquet that comes with one just in case.

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Flowers can have symbolic meanings so it is important to know at least the most common ones to make sure that we don’t send what could be considered funeral flowers to a friend that just gave birth.

As everybody knows Red Rosesred roses are a symbol of love, but it doesn’t stop there. The poppies are a symbol of consolation in time of death (think about the red poppies for veterans day), irises and lilies symbolized resurrection/life and they are used in burials while daisies are a symbol of innocence.

Many more symbols can be attached to other kind of flowers but the meaning can change from one country/culture to another. You can read more about flowers at Wikipedia.org. If you’re not sure if your bouquet is appropriate or not, you can always ask your florist or an online agent at 1800flowers.com.

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