Nestle Baby Free Stuff

Nestle BabyNestle Baby Program is giving away a host of freebies in their “Nestle Baby Backpack” including;

– A free subscription to the Nestle Baby Digest
– A special digest regarding Moms and babies’ nutrition, fitness, health and milestones.
– Nestle Coupons
– Nestle Samples and more (including a change pad)

→ Click here to get freebies from the Nestle Baby Program

Nestle Freebies T&C’s: “Nestlé Baby wants to make sure all members have the information, advice and support they need at all the right times. So, you can expect to start receiving your Nestlé Baby Program Mommy Perks like a stylish backpack (when a sample is requested), Nestlé Baby digest, valuable coupons, samples and more once your Nestlé Baby Program registration is complete. This ensures you always have what you need, when you need it, at the most appropriate time for you and your baby.

The number of digests, samples, and coupons you will receive depends on your baby’s date of birth. Not all members will receive all digests, samples, and coupons.

The Nestle Baby Program is designed and intended for first-time new mothers (Canadian residents only). Various program elements, such as backpacks, samples, digests, special offers etc. will be distributed to members based on their eligibility requirements as established by Nestle; and may be modified from time-to-time. Available while supplies last. Nestle reserves the right to modify, change, enhance or withdraw elements of the Nestle Baby Program without notice. You will only receive a backpack if samples are requested.” – source


  1. nimisha patel says:

    I have applied longtime but never received my diaper bags. My baby born on june 18th 2013

    • Rita says:

      Hi Nimisha,
      It’s possible that they ran out of free samples. Either way, maybe try contacting Nestle directly and asking them or try re-applying. Congrats on the birth :D

  2. Carrie says:

    I applied back in march baby was born Feb 18 2012 and then called at begining of june and still no reply or bag. I have also tried applying for different sites for coupons and keep getting msg that I’m already regestered because of this site. I’m really disapointed because I thought I could get some great deals coupons to help save money and I’m not getting anything.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Carrie,
      We’re really sorry to hear that because we have no control on what Nestle will actually send you. Other of our users did subscribe to the program and did receive stuff. Maybe if you try to send them an email, they’ll be able to get you something.


  3. Dipu patel says:

    i have applied longtime but never received my diaper bag my beby bon is 13 dec 2011

    • Anne says:

      You might want to try to call Nestle to see what’s going on. But if you have applied for it a while ago, it might be more complicated. Hope you’ll be able to claim it.

  4. shail says:

    i have applied so many times for diaper bag but i dint recieve due is june 2.

  5. Joan Purcell says:

    never received my back pack and coupons from about 3 mo. ago. baby due on March 8 2011

    • Anne says:

      Hi Joan,

      I’m really sorry to hear that. You might want to try to contact Nestle to check with them what’s the status of your order. Have an excellent day and good luck with the baby!

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