McDonald’s Free Coffee in November

McDonalds CoffeeStarting today, McDonalds Canada is having another free coffee promotion, which means that until November 28th you can get a free small coffee at any of McDonald’s restaurant. I haven’t seen any commercials on TV yet for this great promotion, but from what I’ve been told it just started today so I’m guessing they will advertise for this quite soon. I love coffee but I’ve never actually tried coffee from McDonalds, so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not. But if you want to give it a try, that’s the perfect time to do it if you’re living close to one of their restaurant or if there’s one on the way to your office ;). Free coffee to start your day for two weeks, that’s a nice freebie! If you have more details than I have, let me know, so I can keep everyone posted!


  1. moica says:

    Goood morning! Are the words I would use to explain Mc donalds coffee. I dont no exactly what roast it is but its really good coffee. A lot of ex Tim Horton drinkers also agree. Just watch CP 24 in the morning, always with a cup of Mc Cafe coffee on the table. I think if you tried it ul like it.

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