Maybelline Free FIT Foundation Samples

Maybelline FreebieHere’s another Facebook freebie! It’s absolutely crazy how many of these I see per week. But if it’s free then we like it and I know you will too. So this time around the freebie is for free FIT foundations samples from Maybelline New York. All you need to do is to go on their Facebook page and ‘like’ them to be able to order your samples. They only have 10,000 samples available so hurry up if you want to try the FIT foundation.

This Maybelline foundation is supposed to be ultra-light and from what they say it should fit any skin type. I’ve never tried this one and as I’m always having trouble to find a good one that would actually fit my tone and my skin type, I’m definitely ordering these sample to give it a try.

Get your free Maybelline FIT foundation samples

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