Free Songs From Movie “the Social Network”

thesocialnetworkYou can now download 5 songs for free from the soundtrack of “the Social Network” that is going to be opening in Canada on October 1st. I think that this movie based on Facebook beginnings is going to be something really big and you don’t want to miss that. This social network is now so popular and it has changed so many things in our social lives that it’s almost impossible to miss that movie. Well I won’t for sure.

I’ve had a look at the movie’s official website and it looks really good. Excellent actors, a great director and an interesting story, what else do we want! So, if you want to get familiar with the soundtrack before the movie is in theaters, it’s the right time to do it for free. Other than those 5 songs for free you can also pre-order the soundtrack or the movie’s DVD right now. Just click on our link below and get the following 5 songs for free:

– Pieces Form the Whole
– Eventually We Find Our Way
– On We March
– The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
– Soft Trees Break the Fall

Click Here to Download your 5 Free Songs

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