Free Seafood Flavours

seafood-flavoursI found some insane freebies, I say insane because they simply don’t appeal to me but I know that I will claim them and use them, it just doesn’t look appealing.

This freebie is from and you can get free samples of Mussel liquid, Mussel powder, Crab liquid, Crab powder, Salmon liquid and Salmon powder. See what I mean about non appealing?

But apparently the products they sell are 100% natural concentrated liquid or spray dried high soluble powders. The extract serves as a perfect main ingredient in industrial applications such as soup bases, seasonings, batters, enhancers or any application where the natural taste of the sea is the intended flavour.

We all need more fish oils etc in our diet and if you like sea food then you might actually enjoy these free samples (unlike me).

Click Here to Claim Free Seafood Flavours

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