Free Salt & Pepper Shaker

Knorr salt shaker

Ever wanted the super cute salt and pepper shakers from the Knorr adverts (you remember the salt shaker cries)? Well all you need to do is get 3 UPC codes from Knorr Sidekicks

You’ve probably seen the Knorr commercials of the crying salt shaker. These are pretty cute and can be yours free with 3 UPC codes (and proof of purchase) from Knorr Sidekicks. You do have to pay for shipping and handling ($7.29), but that’s a small fee for these uber cute pieces.

You have until the 31st December 2010 to order while supplies last.

Claim Your Free Salt & Pepper Shakers Here


  1. Tracy says:

    Does this still exist? Can you still get them?

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