Free Rescue Me Window Cling

Free ClingI found this freebie and I thought it was quite funny so I decided to talk about it even though I’m not sure how useful this thing really is. The below link will allow you to get a free Rescue Me window cling where you can write your pets name so they can be rescued in case of fire. I understand the principle but I’m not sure if it would really change something in emergency situations. But I can imagine no one wants to risk that… Anyway, maybe it’s just me and you will think this is such a good idea that you want to get one, so if it’s the case click on our link below to get your free Rescue Me removable cling and apply it to one of your home’s window. The request form takes a few minutes to fill in and you should receive your cling within 6-8 weeks.

Get your free Rescue Me window cling

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