Free Movie Central Subscription

Movie CentralThis service was completely new to me today, and for those wondering what they do think of a mixture of and CTV and you’ll get it. Usually a subscription service customers will now get 3 moths of their subscription for free at Movie Central Canada.

You might need to do some research and or contact your TV service provider, I think you need cable for this and I didn’t read the fine print, you may need to enter your credit card details or stuff like that, but it is free. I stopped reading as I still use the bunny ears on my TV, which apparently will be useless as of November 2011 when they turn off the airways.

This is their list of featured;

– The latest un-cut and commercial-free Hollywood blockbuster hits.
– Exclusive access to HBO Canada, including the new ground-breaking HBO series Boardwalk Empire.
– Live HBO events, comedy specials and HBO Boxing.
– Over 300 HD Movies every month!

You can check out the schedule here to see if there is anything that interests you.

Claim 3 months of Movie Central Here → ends 30th November 2010

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