Free Microsoft Software

MicrosoftEven though I have everything apple I am begging to think Microsoft are actually more generous than apple. Take this freebie for example, it’s a Microsoft freebie for free Microsoft Money Sunset Editions.

They previously made this software and sold it at a price. But now they are giving them away to anyone for free. There will be no support for the software and they won’t be updating it or releasing new versions of this software (it obviously wasn’t a money earner for them). So this is the last full edition of their personal finance and small business finance software. The 2 different products/software available for free are; Money Plus Sunset Deluxe and Money Plus Sunset Home and Business.

So if you are need of some software to keep all the books in order whether it’s for a small company or for personal use you can now get free really decent software to help.

Download Money Plus Sunset Deluxe for free

Download Money Plus Sunset Home and Business for free

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