Free Large Pumpkins at Metro

Halloween Free PumkinsI went to the market this weekend and I was just looking to buy my pumpkins for Halloween but I thought that $4-$5 was quite expensive for a pumpkin. So when I came back I start looking for good deals and here are 2 great offers that I found. Right now at Metro spend $60+ and you will get a free large pumpkin. Or if you don’t have a Metro close to your place, you can always go to Loblaws and you can get a large pumpkin for only $2 which is pretty good.

Hopefully this should allow you to get this nice pumpkin and to decorate it for Halloween. We’re going to get ours for the office this week and then we’re running a contest between us for the best one. Stay posted, we’ll upload the pictures of our pumpkins on our website for sure. In fact I think it would cool if you would be the ones voting for the one you prefer! I’ll think about it…

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