Free Colouring Books and More

americanchemistryAn informative website called is giving away awareness products that you might like for your family. This is what you can get for free;

1) Deal Kitchen Germs a 1-2 Punch (refrigerator magnet)
The magnet displays simple directions for disinfecting food contact surfaces

2) Downloadable Coloring Books:
Water Germs Busted by Chlorine
Swimming Pool Germs Busted by Chlorine
Flu Germs Busted by Chlorine

Of course they all have the Chlorine theme, as you would expect from a chemistry website. But they are educational and free. Some are mail order redeemable others you can download. There are a host of other stuff you can get, but it was not as interesting to me.

Get your free colouring Books and Magnet

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