Free Breastfeeding Video

Petite PoshFrom August 1st until the 7th it’s World Breastfeeding Week. And Shari Criso has a lovely video on her site that acts as an educational video on breastfeeding. The first video is only about 2 minutes long and the whole video entitled “Simply Breastfeeding” is split up into bite sized portions. She was a delivery nurse and midwife and is now a lactating consultant so she knows her stuff. So if you are pregnant or have a little newborn then you might want to watch this video, it’s really confusing to hear conflicting information about breast feeding so this is the definitive voice.

Viewers can watch the video for free until September 2010 in order to help your success rate with breastfeeding to provide babies proper nutrition during the first year of life far exceed the national average.

Click for free breastfeeding video

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