Free Books


We last posted about free books a few days ago (the deal was for 6 free books) and now we have more free books for you to enjoy.

The site giving them away is a free online book club that has loads of free downloadable links (you don’t get free printed books, this would always be too expensive for publishers). If you find more places to find free books you can add them to their website to share with other visitors so everyone can enjoy free books.

Here are a few of the free books you can get;

● Get Rich with Twitter: Harness the Power of the Twitterverse by Dennis Prince
● Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
● Death at Shibboleth Hills: A Wally Dopple Mystery by Richard Radtke
● Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich: Your Game Plan for Getting It Right in the Stock Market
by Charles Payne
● Comedy Writing Step by Step: How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor by Gene Perret
● Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes by Valerie Campbell-Harding
● Allotment Gardening For Dummies

Download your free books here

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