Free Bag of Whiskas Cat Food


If you collect 5 UPC labels from any participating Whiskas product you can get a coupon for a free bag of Whiskas cat food. After that you mail in your UPC codes and the form which you can get here (also includes all the T&C’s and details). All you have to do then is to wait for the coupon to arrive in your mailbox.


  1. Jackie Taylor says:

    I registered 5 coupons for the 5 bags of Whiskas 9.1kg size. I was very disappointed when I recieved a coupon for th 2kg.bag only. I use this product to feed ferrel cats.

  2. A gyoker says:

    this offer is extended until august 31

  3. Another bad promo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you.

    • Erin says:

      Hey Karen,

      Sorry to hear that! It’s an expired offer from a few years ago and was only valid for a limited time. :( Hopefully soon, they’ll have another one like it

  4. Kim says:

    Is the free cat food offer available with 5 UPC codes still available?

  5. Rosanna says:

    Hi I have sent in for 3 free bags of Whiskas dry cat food. I have gotten all three even though the first time I forgot to send a self addressed envelope. The lasttime they also sent a coupon for buy one get onefree for Whiskas trays. Needless to say my cat loves it also. Thank you. Rosanna from New Brunswick, Canada.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the same experience.

  7. paul Robb says:

    hi i saved the coupons for the free bag of cat food and it was sent out 22 of december and i still have not receieved any coupon for the free bag if u could get back to me about this it would be apreciated very much.

    thanks Paul Robb

    • Anne says:

      Hi Paul. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t receive any coupon yet but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it. The best thing to do would probably be to write to the company and ask them why you haven’t receive it yet. They should be able to check what’s the status of your coupon. Thanks for reading us!

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