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On Friday August 7th through to the 9th, all users will be able to communicate for free. This FREE Weekend will once again be supported by promotional TV commercials and increased online advertising, so it might be difficult to miss and is sure to be big. Perhaps now might be time to scope out the market for a partner, you can’t beat free right?

Communicate for Free at the Online Dating Site

Ben & Jerry’s Canada Free Ice Cream

For one day only (on the 14th April 2015 so bookmark it) you can get a free cone of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s Canada. This promotion is running at most of their locations but not all, so try not to be disappointed if your local one isn’t running it. There maybe lots of kids off school so it could be busy, having said that I am sure it wont be super warm outside so the only people going there will be the ones that know about this promo. You can grab your freebie from 12-8pm only.

You know they have been doing this since 1979? That’s pretty cool. There is a conversation over at their website about this promotion and you can find the nearest Ben and Jerry’s store to you here.

Which flavour will you get?

Get more info on this promo here
Expires: April 14th, 2014

Know Someone With Allergies? Get A Free Claritin Sample Pack

Whether someone in your immediate entourage or perhaps even yourself is frequently afflicted by allergies, it’s common knowledge that the symptoms are no walk in the park but the bright side is that these can be managed. Answer a survey consisting of five question to get a free trial pack size of Claritin and see if symptoms improve. Valid only while supplies last.

Considering it’s free, there’s definitely nothing to lose… except for maybe a couple of pesky symptoms such as dry nose, sneezing, wheezing etc.

Quebec residents will need to however print a coupon that may then be applied towards $5 off Claritin products.

Answer the five-question survey here for a trial pack of Claritin.

Freebie from Kotex; for Women Only

If I remember correctly, this is the 12th time that Kotex have offered this freebie for their U products. It looks like they are really trying to push this line of tampons and pads with all these freebie promotions. It’s a good thing for us because it means more free samples from Kotex. I didn’t have any trouble getting mine the last time I ordered them, so simply go online and fill in the sample request form.

The samples are available while quantities last. Last time there were 25,000 samples available so I doubt the promotion is going to last forever–even though there is no documentation about dates on their website. Hurry up if you want to order yours.

These are the freebies you can choose from:
– U By Kotex Cleanwear Pads
– U By Kotex Extra Maxi Pads
– U By Kotex Sleek Tampons
– U By Kotex Click Tampons

Get your freebie from Kotex

Free Soft Drink W/P at New York Fries

New York Fries Canada are running a promotion that we wouldn’t normally feature on the freebie section as it’s a freebie with purchase. But as we love eating at New York fries we thought perhaps other people might be interested in this second rate promotion (but let’s be honest, there will be a lot of us that will take advantage of it). The deal is for a free soft drink with any meal or french fry purchase from today until the end of May 2014.

T&C’s: From now until May 31st 2014 customers can buy any size of fries or meal at New York Fries and get a free regular soft drink. No coupon necessary,

Free David’s Tea May 12th-13th for Nurses & Mothers

I think all I really needed was the title here. It says it all.

To expand on that for kicks and giggles David’s tea (the guys that charge 4x as much for tea as anyone else ~ don’t get me wrong I love the stuff) are giving a free cup of tea to nurses on May 12th 2014 for Mothers.

I understand the Mothers Day part but not the nurses bit, is it national nurse day in Canada on Saturday? (~ actually I just found out it’s International nurses day, which is 1 up on national lol) If you are a nurse or a mother how are you meant to prove it? There are no more details than that on their newsletter unfortunately. I assume you can get a take away or drink in tea.

Did you get your free cup? I’m going to see if one of my friends who is a mum will get me a cuppa, I want the bon bon one, it’s awesome. There are David’s Tea stores like everywhere now, find your closest one.

Save Over $130 with Enfamil’s Free Samples, Coupons and More

While it’s true that couponing can be a time-consuming –and well worth it– task, we’re here to make it even easier for you.

Sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings for free to receive more than $130 in coupons, samples, special offers and more!

From saving $10 on Enfamil A+ to free samples of Enfapro A+ and much more, countless promotions are constantly made available for parents to take advantage. Let’s face it, the costs associated with having kids can quickly skyrocket, which means that coupons and free samples can make all the difference in one’s budget.

Upon signing up, users will also be granted to a members-only portal filled with tips regarding topics such as:

  • Feeding babies;
  • Communication and social development;
  • Sleep patterns;
  • … and countless others for you to discover!

Sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings to save up to $130.

Free OxiClean Powder, Spray or Gelstick

This is another mail in rebate. It seems that mail in rebates are becoming popular once again, shame that this popularity comes at the same time the Canadian postal service is winding down their operations. Today’s one if from Oxiclean. I use their powder to clean stains on my clothes in the washing, I found only rubbing it into the stain does any good, but it’s not too troublesome. I also discovered (through research) that it cleans my white grouting in the bathroom around the tiles very nicely (I let a little solution sit there for a while to really work the stains out), so there are probably lots of uses for stain removers.

Claimants have 3 choices of Oxiclean products; either the powder, spray or the gelstick. I would prefer the spray, but that’s because I’m lazy. But I have used the powder, and it lasts forever and a day. Note, please read the fine print of this offer, it looks like potentially you might have to buy 2 products to can claim the cost of only one of them back.

The mail in rebate allows up to $7.50 total to cover the cost of the Oxiclean item you buy as well as the expenses associated like taxes and postage. It’s valid through July 31st 2014 but you must send in the rebate form before October 31st, 2014 to receive your item for free.

Get your rebate form for a free OxiClean Spray or Gelstick

Get a Free Container of Finish Rinse Agent or Dish Cleaner

It was only a few days ago that we talked about a free offer from Finish and we have already heard wind of another offer from Finish! This one is slightly different (obviously). This is a mail-in rebate offer for either a free rinse agent or dish cleaner, the latter being entirely new knowledge to me, I didn’t know it even existed–apparently you use this with no dishes in the dishwasher to clean your dishwasher periodically, something which I have never ever done and now feel quite guilty about.

The rebate also allows you to get $5.49 off any Jetdry which is a hefty discount any way you look at it (if you prefer to get a big bottle). Simply purchase any of the mentioned products and follow the steps on the rebate form to claim. You will get $5.49 back from Finish to cover the price of the product and the actual postage and taxes. Follow the times listed below and on the form to make sure your rebate is eligible. And whatever you do, don’t forget to keep the receipt with the UPC code on it, otherwise you wont get anything back.

Get your rebate form for a free Finish Rinse Agent or Dish Cleaner

Get a Free Box of Finish Power&Free and Kick Dirt in the Teeth

Halt there, evil dooers! Your dishes aren’t as sparkly and clean as they should be and that could lead to potential problems in the future. Banish those nasty food particles with the helpful force of Power&Free. Infused with a red power ball of….well, power, it’s designed to get your dirty dishes back to ideal cleanliness.

For a limited time, you can pick up a free whole box of this product to try it out for yourself. I use this product myself at home and I love how it’s an all-in-one item: no need for rinse agents or other extras; just pop a tablet in and boom it goes.

You’ll need to use Facebook to get this freebie and then fill out the small form. The value of this freebie is decent, around $7.50 in the stores).

Order your free Box of Finish Power&Free

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