Windows 7 For Only $39.99

Windows 7

It’s about time Windows 7 was released and owing to Microsoft loosing substantial market share they are offering a great deal when you upgrade to their new operating system Windows 7 (a vast improvement from their inferior Vista platform). We were lucky enough to beta test Windows 7 and we have to say it’s amazing, highly recommended, especially if you have a tablet or thinking of getting a touch screen monitor. We also use Microsoft office so both these deals appeal to our bargain side.

Office Ultimate 2007

The catch is that this promotion is for students, they call it their “Ultimate Steal” promotion which can be purchased for only $39.99. If you are not a student you run the risk of being asked for ‘proof’ you are a student, not sure how likely this is though. You can also get their Ultimate office package (word, excel etc) for $64 at the same time.

Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2007 Discounted Here

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